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Friday, March 07, 2008 ♥
Farewell dinner for Ariffin ♥ 11:47 PM

Just because of you, I didn't go for church service that night, Ariffin! Only to find out you are leaving the next week-___-"

Anyway, everybody arrived at Hawkers' cuisine by 7.30pm. All except Ariffin. Finally at 8pm, he arrived and blamed it on his Indian timing. This guy always talk nonsense i tell you.

I still think Chilli crabs in Singapore is the most awesome.

Finally got to meet Shu Ling, Zhi Hao's sister although she had been here the same time i was here.

With Shu Ling and Christine.

Guess who we met outside Hawkers Cuisine? My dear old friend Mawoo:) Forced her to take a picture with me.

Tobacco, su wa nai de!

The most retarded thing was, we didn't take a farewell picture with Ariffin! Sighs, you guys are hopeless! But the combo of Kang Wei and Ariffin is frightfully entertaining. The 2 kept on disturbing each other. And poor Ina was mercilessly teased by KW. Ina, your resistance to not eating meat despite KW tempting you is admirable!

♥ Princess Serene

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