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Saturday, February 16, 2008 ♥
At my grandparents' home ♥ 1:00 PM

15.02.2008- At the last minute, my mum ask me whether i wanted to go over to my grandparents place. Ok, actually she asked me like the day before but still, i find that a bit rushy. It's so nice to have the leisure to go off at a moment notice though. I love summer holidays. It's just so awesome:)

Have i mentioned that i love to go on car rides? Especially when i'm not driving? I love to look at the scenery. Nature never fails to surprise me.

Anyway, when we reached my grandparents' place which i somewhere in the jungle(like seriously, there is no internet, just tv), my second uncle cut down a huge stalk of pandan leaves and i thought it was worthwhile taking it since we don't see such HUGE pandan leaves every other day.

The other plant is a medicine, so says my parents when we went for a walk. I think you have to chew the leaves and put it on the wound. Take a good hard look at the plant. You never know when you might get lost in the jungle. You might even thank me for this:P

Do you know that sea coconut looks like this? I don't because everytime i have the sea coconut dessert, it's been cut into pieces nicely. Well, we learn new things everyday.

A look around the fruit garden farm and an old wooden shed.

Pictures from our walk. The bananas looks weird, growing against gravity.

At the river near my grandparents' home. The boys are fishing for prawns but i never got the chance to see the prawns because when we left they haven't gotten any.

A rubber tree fruit. If you rub 2 of them together, they can get very warm. One of my childhood games when i was younger. We rub it so warm and try to burn somebody else with it. The reaction is always hilarious!

Duckies on the farm. And my parents chopping up a coconut for me to drink:) Needless to say, tasting something that requires none of their effort always taste awesome.


16.02.2008- We headed home because it's Sabbath day! All the palm trees on both side of the roads never change since i'm young.

I think i'm extremely lucky to have my grandparents staying in a kampong(Malay for village)area because i get to experience a lot of things that most urban kids would never have the chance to do. If only mosquitoes won't attack me and give me vicious itches, it would be perfect but still, i will never trade my childhood experience for anything. I know i'm blessed:)

♥ Princess Serene

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