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Sunday, March 16, 2008 ♥
Ariffin is really leaving Perth ♥ 1:07 PM

And he purposely choose the insanely early flight>< When i asked ZH if he's going and mentioned that i want to go to, his first reaction was 'You can wake up meh?'

I know I can't but important stuff like this, I will, even if it means using 3 alarms clocks and waking the whole world first before i wake up.

I think i woke up at 6.30am? Haven't woke up that early since... Ok, i don't even remember.

Anyway, I will really miss Ariffin:( My Indian friend who is good natured for taking our racist jokes and taking the patience to educate me on cars. Now I can understand what's the difference between Mazda rotary engine and the V8 engine^^ I still wish you get the Audi R8 instead of the S4 though. REMEMBER to bring me for a spin in your new car at the end of the year when i come back!

And i hope all your hand carry luggage reached Singapore safely! Ariffin is hilarious! I was pulling his trolley bag for him and if i didn't called after him, he probably walk through the gate without it. Then at the gate, the custom stopped him and asked him whether he has any liquid in bottles and he rememeber about his gel. So he came back to us, passed me his laptop bag and took out the gel from the trolley bag. This time he attempted to enter the gate without his laptop bag-____-" Super blur king!

Oh well, people keep leaving! And i still miss Shonia:(:(:( For the record, i had been shopping alone(not a bad thing but sometimes i like to keep shopping as a social thing). And swimming! I haven't gone since you left. I really miss you, in a non sexual way ok:P

♥ Princess Serene

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