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Sunday, March 16, 2008 ♥
Applecross fishing trip ♥ 11:30 PM

I was meant to stay home and study but instead Indery came over and that is the start of the adventure. I can't decline an adventure, that would be so wrong! But I wonder how am i going to pass my exams at this rate:S I don't want to think about it yet.

Anyway, from Mandurah, we changed venue to Applecross, Point water. Indery says that it's not as fabulous but it will do. I don't understand why Indery is so excited about fishing. Honestly, i wasn't exactly keen on fishing because i don't like to touch the yucky bait(ie: earthworms) but since this is the first time i'm going for a fishing trip, i really can't really pass up this chance, can I?

We left our home at 4pm and Indery is the designated driver. We took 30 minutes instead of 15 minutes to reach our destination no thanks to the combination of Tash and I. We can't help forgetting stuff but it's all cool. We FINALLY reached the petrol station at Applecross but then we are not late because the guys(Andrew, Anson and Yudi) MADE us wait for them for about half an hour-___-"

We got bored while waiting and started photo whoring...

We got bait at the petrol station in the end. Thank God it isn't earthworms:) It was Mallet. Can you believe the 3 of us combined couldn't open the freezer?? So damn embarassing because Andrew(Indery's boyfriend) came over and opened it effortlessly and since it happened so quickly, Tasha didn't have time to react and hence the door hit her wrist. *she's asking for sympathy now* AWWWW, POOR BABY! There.

FINALLY! We are going fishing:):):)

Setting up our fishing rods. Actually, it's only the guys and Indery who are setting up. Tash and I just stand around:P

Yay, we are finally fishing on the jetty! Guess what, I caught the first fish! A breemer! Beginners luck:) Unfortunately, it was too small so i had to throw it back to the river. But I AM HOOKED!

Tasha complain that she keep catching puffer fish. You should see how she treat the puffers. Let's not go into details, shall we?

After awhile, the novelty wears off and i started to take photos. Eeks! A jellyfish! Indery asked Anson to catch it so that we can have jelly fish salad>.< PhotobucketPhotobucket

Group photo

Decided to fish again and voila! Another Breemer:)

A random Pelican. And a random shot of Andrew and Anson. Anson is showing off his fish. Pfft!

Indery wants to inform you that she doesn't do that during fishing. This pose is STRICTLY for the photo:P
Photobucket Photobucket

I think it's an artistic shot. I love sunsets:)

We were about to pack up for the day when we spotted a crab onthe way back. We started saying 'crab crab' and used our fishing rod to catch it. In the end, it got so tangled in our fishing line that we managed to lunge it back onto hte jetty.

Anson is offically in charge to babysitting the crab because we don't know to to tie it up. Big right? We are so proud of ourselves:) That's like the hightlight of the day.

We fished for 5 hours? It was around 10pm when we decided to go because Indery wants to catch a whale>.< Well, in the end, she finally gave up(Amen to that!) And Macdonalds for dinner:)

We smelled like fish when we came home:S I decided i love fishing:)

♥ Princess Serene

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