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Saturday, February 16, 2008 ♥
Vince farewell dinner ♥ 11:50 PM

After afternoon Sabbath service and choir, most of the youths from Sembawang and TK went over to Adam because we are having a farewell for Vince who is going over to Perth. So weird for me to go since i'll see him again over there.

Anyway, the Adam youths already started the steamboat session and when Sembawang and TK people came over, Adam youths were getting ready for the hymn fellowship. In the end, Sembawang and TK had fellowship over steamboat O.0 it was really funny and i haven't met the TK people for so long that our conversations are hilarious.

Once again, our dear Fresa is the one doing the cooking. Well, at least this time Tim helped a bit this time.


My dear childhood friend, be nice to me or else... I'll ignore you when i'm in Perth:P I do hope he behaves himself when he is over there. See you over there!

♥ Princess Serene

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