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Sunday, February 10, 2008 ♥
Night out with gang ♥ 11:55 PM

I can't believe you guys drag me out on this trip! Most surprisingly is that my brother keeps insisting that i go. Yeah, end up going to AMK(Ang Mo Kio) hub after dinner at home. Sigh, should have gone earlier because there are heaps are shops there!

We are the infamous fashionably late siblings. When we got there, Bi Wei(BW), Jonah(Nah), Azriel were already eating at Fish and Co. Haha, seriously don't know what my brother can order from there. The best part is when he ordered some non-fish dish, they are out of it. Yes, my brother is weird. He doesn't eat fish, pork and most seafood. He declares himself a Jew and i often asked him whether he got himself circumcised or not. Anyway, he got something in the end and i snitched some dessert from him since i wasn't exactly hungry. We JUST came from dinner.


Wandered around the shops, trying to go to every one of them before they close at 10pm. Then Emmy Lai arrived. Thank God for her or i'll be the only girl again. I mentioned i want to eat Singaporean food so we ended up at the AMK hawker centre. The place doesn't seem to change after all these years. But the food is not as nice. Had my carrot cake and ice-kachang:):):)

With my Emmy Lai. I wonder whether she feels lonely like i did in the past during Youth service. I'm just glad that she's going regularly for it now. At least there are a few sisters attending regularly too. No matter what, i hope she doesn't give up. She is a fighter and i admired her strength. I don't think i am able to go through what she went through. This time that i'm back, i feel that we two seem to be getting back into the close friendship we used to have when we are children. I'm grateful for that. I don't feel that lonely now. I hope she feels the same too.

My brother and BW in the dark.

We ended up leaving AMK around 11plus. So much for going home early. Thank God BW sent us home. So much for brotherly love, my brother piang seh(Hokkien:dumped) me for Azriel(Emmy Lai's younger brother). So in the end, BW dropped Emmy, Az and my brother at their place then send me home. So pai seh(Hokkien:embarrassed+shy). But thanks heaps. Oh, and please don't come up with stunts and ask me to drive on Singapore roads. Especially not my parents CRV. I'm not ready yet.

♥ Princess Serene

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