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Saturday, February 09, 2008 ♥
My Chinese New Year 2008 ♥ 11:45 PM

In this busy busy world, i guess Chinese New Year(CNY) is the only time when most Chinese in Singapore will have a break for at least the first 2 days of Chinese New Year:)

This year, Chinese New Year seem to have a different meaning for me. In the past, i'll be looking forward to the Ang Baos(red packets) and the nice goodies but now, i look forward to catching up with my loved ones. Argh, i sound like age is catching up with me but maybe because i'm older, i'm able to appreciate the finer things in life better. Like money doesn't make the world go round. Love does.

I enjoyed my Chinese New Year thoroughly although this time i didn't went back to my maternal grandparents home.

On CNY eve: We had Agnes and her dad over because her MSN nickname was something about reunion dinner and i was kaypoh(hokkien for busybody) and voila! She ended up having reunion dinner at my place with her Dad.

The first day of CNY: Went to church@ Adam for CNY service. All the people from the 3 churches were gathered there so it was a nice feeling to see everybody again. Then we are off to house visiting after service!

Yes, Singapore is full of greenery. The roadside is so pretty! And the view from 婆婆's home is awesome.

I'm just glad i can make 婆婆 happy by just letting her speak. She may not be my real grandmother but sometimes, she does feel like one to me.

I thought i'll be home for a good long rest but who knows, after dinner we are out of the house again. To go over to Malaysia to visit an old friend, Uncle Gan who has a part in getting my parents together. I met him before, so my dad says when i was much younger. Yeah, like i can remember. Anyway, nice to know Wendy who is obviously, Uncle Gan's daughter. She happens to know my friend En Xin since she studies in Otago, NZ! What a small world! Have a nice chat with her. I think i can click with people pretty well:P

Her lil' Jack Russel, Meg is sooooo cute*screams*


My favourite Ramly burger:) Satay and Mee soto*super happy*

You can see that my dad and Uncle Gan have a lot of catch up to do... Talk from home to the hawker centre. Well, i guess if you lost contact and found each other after 10 over years, there is heaps to catch up with.

Second day of CNY: Invite our Korean neighbour for lunch. Ended up being employed as an a tutor to Dong Yoek(her son) for a week before i went back to Perth.

After lunch, went over to Vince and Jean's place to pay them a visit. Played Monoploy and Uno stacko. Super funny.

After that, went home to get ready for church service.

Third day of CNY: After Saturday church service, we went to visit my mum's cousin and Uncle Choy. I'm such a dill! I can't believe i didn't take any pictures with them at all!

Had a long long chat with Chiaw Yi(Uncle Choy's daughter) who is my brother's age. It has been a long time since i had a proper conversation with her! We used to travel heaps together when we were younger with our families but perhaps now that we are older, we are all busy with our lives. She is so much better now than before when she was having her skin cancer and the doctors didn't know how to cure it! Well, sometimes doctors can't do everything you know. They are not God after all.

Well, that is pretty much my CNY. Doesn't seem much but i can ensure you that those 3 days were fully packed and seriously tiring. I declare Chinese New Year being the most awesome festival of the year!

♥ Princess Serene

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