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Sunday, February 17, 2008 ♥
Meeting up with my Primary school friends ♥ 7:34 PM

When i told my friends(those whom i see often) that I'm going to meet up with my best friends in Primary school on Sunday for lunch, they were like, 'YOU STILL KEEP IN CONTACT WITH YOUR PRIMARY SCHOOL FRIENDS??!!' Of course, i'm the kind of person who view friendships as important.

Anyway, we lost contact during secondary school and after some dramamama involving SK that i managed to find Pat and then Amelia. See, having a wide network of friends is very important especially when this is such a small world.

After 5 plus years, we are gathered together again. WITH MUCH DIFFICULTY because Pat is in Tasmania, Amelia is in Singapore and I'm in Perth. Besides, Pat is Thai which means when she comes to Singapore, that is for holidays only. Can you imagine how hard is it to meet up now?? But i'm glad we managed to meet up again and catch up. Patterapon and Amelia don't seemed to change. I guess some things doesn't change and i'm glad for that.

We had Mahattan Fish Market for lunch and over that period of time, we chatted and reminiscing the past. I couldn't really remember some people or certain events anymore and that is very scary! I really do miss you two!

I wonder how my other friends are. I wonder where they are. I hope that if i ever meet them coincidentally, i can remember their names.

Our very yummy seafood basket. The lobster was fresh as promised! I feel sooo happy:) *drools*

I think it is amazing that i still keep in contact with such old friends but i'm sure everybody can do it... if you do value friendship as much as I do.

♥ Princess Serene

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