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Thursday, February 21, 2008 ♥
Meet up with my dear RP ♥ 11:58 PM

Shopping at Bugis!

Esther couldn't come with us since she have to give tuition therefore, it's up to the two of us to go really crazy.

I'm still not over the fact that the stuff in Bugis is super cheap. I feel conned/ripped/overcharged in Perth. Remind me never to buy shoes over in Perth please. You will be doing me a big fat favour.

Anyway, as usually, i ended up buying a lot of stuff. No surprises there. RP also wants to spend since she is earning big bucks now and she can't tahan(tolerate) seeing me spend so much while she didn't. Unfortunately, she is too skinny and hence not everything look nice on her=didn't buy much stuff.

I think being able to fit into 'free size' clothes and being fairly slim is a curse because you think you look good in heaps of stuff and plus you can fit in them therefore you end up buying heaps of stuff. Oh well...

I wonder how many crabs are murdered to sell this dish.

Shopping makes us HAPPY!

I decided that shopping is an excellent form of exercising as much as you want to disagree. Or you will have to explain to me how i lose 2kg while eating heaps.

♥ Princess Serene

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