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Tuesday, February 26, 2008 ♥
Leaving Singapore, Arriving in Perth ♥ 9:07 PM

Leaving Singapore, my heart feel strangely calm.
Perhaps, last night i had prepared myself emotionally.
Yet, every time i leave.
I feel the same.
That i'm leaving the people i love,
The place i had been for almost 3 months.
It's heartbreaking.
I can't do this twice a year,
And it gets harder and harder
When i am slowly falling in love with Perth.


My dear dear woman finished her exams the day before i leave so i hardly spent time with her! Come over Perth for your work attachment!!!

I feel so pai seh(Hokkien for embarrassed) that Ben waited for me for an hour because the immigration is so strict about food stuff.

After that, we went to Ben's friend place to pass him money. Guys will be guys. He refused to take out the map despite going in circles. We meant to reach the place in 30 minutes but he took an hour before agreeing to take out the map from the boot:S

But still, thanks for picking me up:)

Currently status: Car-less and phone-less. I'm just happy that Holven agreed to bring me out to feed me dinner:)

Not exactly homesick... yet. Perth is my home too you know.

♥ Princess Serene

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