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Friday, February 22, 2008 ♥
JB with Christine ♥ 11:12 PM

I feel the need to pamper myself. All those shopping and late nights out are taking a toil on me therefore, I asked Christine whether she is interested in doing a pedicure or not since i remembered her mentioning about wanting to do it.

And voila! I got a date:P Ok, i sound so desperate but then, everybody is working or studying so even if i want to go out, it's so hard to jio(ask) people*sighs* The life of a bum is also pretty sad some times.

My cute booties! The paraffin wax was hot but fun:)

Christine did her nails but somehow i took longer although i'm only doing my toenails. Didn't know she was so full of crap. I knew her through HT when she came over to Perth for her holidays. She was sooo funny and great company to be with:):):)

We took the whole morning to do our nails and then, lunch! HT(Christine's boyfriend) came to meet us for lunch. The two of them kept teasing each other and i feel like a lightbbulb-___-"

Anyway, yes Christine, I'm your friend:P Inside joke and too complicated for me to write on here. Sorry, i know it's really annoying when people say 'inside joke' and you feel excluded but this blog is for me to record my memories. If you REALLY want to know, ask me.

After lunch, we passed by a shoe shop and it's AWESOME! So many shoes can??? We happily try on shoes and forgot that we just did our nails and ruin it:S But we were like, we can fix it after trying all the shoes first. HT was rather pissed at us because i think we spend like 1 hour in there. We bought like 7 pairs of shoes:X

The two of them is such a sweet couple.

The two of us. Very happy and satisfied with life:)

After that, i went for Friday night service and we had a sleepover! In the end, i'm the only girl again:( Left to sleep alone in the big big nursery room but i guess it was worth the company and food!

KKMC says that Dn FY was happy because i asked him to join us for supper and therefore he ate lots. We had naan and roti prata. And heaps of chit chat.

♥ Princess Serene

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