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Saturday, February 02, 2008 ♥
Getting my fix of Indian cuisine ♥ 11:03 PM

Nasi Biryani. Strange, Nasi is a Malay word but Biryani is Indian. This is how multi cultural Singapore is. We have our own language.. Singlish(a mixture of Engrish, Chinese, Hokkien, Malay, Tamil and some random dialects)

"Don't pray pray ah! We, Sing-gapore-leins have our own language ah. You ang moh hear, no understand one. You hor, dunch laugh lah, so horri-gible!"

I know i just side tracked but then, horri-gible was taught to me by an auntie at one of the shops. I was in there and i couldn't help overhearing the conversation of the shop owner and her customer. She was saying something horri-gible and i think i let out a laugh. She turned to me and said ' you understand hor? Horri-gible mean more horrible than horrible! So horri-gible lor. See, auntie's Engrish not bad hor?'

So damn funny can. I hurried out of the shop to laugh. And passer-bys were thinking i was siao(Hokkien for crazy)

Let's just say that if you haven't been staying in Singapore for like 5 years, you will never be able to deciper our endearing Singlish. Plus, you have to hang around schools and wet markets before fully appreciating the intrinsic meaning of Singlish. Ok, enough of Singlish.

I love Indian cuisine but i can't take the full on spicyness. Shame.

Ok, this is Nasi Biryani.

And this is my dear 弟弟(little brother) with his 'NO PHOTOS PLEASE' t-shirt. How apt!

My brother has been influenced by me:) He loves shopping too! Just that, he doesn't appreciate shopping as much as i do. He's a guy after all. Go get target. grab target, go counter and pay. Guys*shake head*


♥ Princess Serene

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