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Monday, February 18, 2008 ♥
At the airport ♥ 9:12 PM

Perhaps because it was during the exam period, not many people could make it to the airport to send Vince off.

It's really funny that i'm sending Vince off since i'm going to see him in like a week's time. A lil pang of envy that he is going Perth because i kinda of miss Perth. Really! My dear dear people over there. It's really different from talking with them on MSN but yeah, i'm leaving soon anyway and then i'll complain that i miss my Singapore people. *sighs*

See you in Perth! I'm sure you will enjoy the boredom peacefulness:)

By the way, after sending Vince off, Han Hua remembered that Bro Tse Loong and company is coming back from Israel so we decided to wait at the gate for them. Damn funny to hear what Bro Tse Loong said when HH said that we came all the way to welcome them back. Bullsh*t! Haha!

♥ Princess Serene

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