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Wednesday, January 30, 2008 ♥
Why? ♥ 11:57 PM

How is it possible that they have time for every other things but none for God?
How is it possible that they rather stay home and bum than come for service?
How is it possibe that they no longer believe that God love them?

How is it possible that they had learnt so much yet celebrate pagan festivals?
How is it possible that they rather do something else than to observe Sabbath?
How is it possible that people who used to be zealous for God could forget His wonderful grace?

I feel sad some times when these happen but i have no right to judge them for who am i? I'm just a little speck of dust amongst the others + i'm guilty of these some times. I wish i could say something to remind them yet, i'm unable to open my mouth because i'm afraid. Afraid about what they will think of me, afraid that i'll make matters worse*sighs*

Maybe they are struggling with problems of their own. And i can't help. I dearly wish i could. To remind them how they felt when they first tasted the sweet water of His grace. The one that quench their thirst. And that in Him they found rest. But how?

When i know that somebody is going through a crisis, i wish they trust me enough to tell me because i wish to help. Sometimes i know their problems but then i do not want to look like a busybody so i feign ignorance. I always seem to be talkative and be close to everybody but deep within me, i know that nobody but Jesus understands my soul. I saw how close Josiah and Nathaniel were in church on Sunday. They may be young but i'm envious of how they are so close to each other. Like David and Jonathan in the bible. I always yearn for a close friend in church. Somebody who shares the same faith as me. Somebody who walks together with me on this uneven and rocky path. Somebody to encourage me to keep going on. Somebody who understands and know what to say when i needed advice. Somebody who shares secrets and not keep everything one-sided. Jesus is that somebody yet i want that human touch. I know i asked to much. I can't help it. I feel ashamed of myself sometimes when i see others who, even at their lowest point, are able to be close to Him.

I know a lot of people read my blog but i'm not ashamed to confess my weaknesses. And for people who reads my blog and are facing some personal problems, i want to let you know that you are never alone. Somebody is praying for you.

I hope that I will never forget His grace, that He died for me. Because He loved me first.

♥ Princess Serene

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