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Wednesday, January 23, 2008 ♥
What i had been doing the past few days ♥ 6:31 PM

07.01.2008(Monday)- The day after i came back from Taiwan, i want to cut my hair.

Daddy was very sweet:) Work for half day then came back to bring me to Johor Bahru(JB) to cut my hair and shop:)

Went to the pet shop to get Tranis rabbit food. Awwww, look at all those puppies. I want one*sighs*

I really do. Anyway, my new hairstyle. I'm still not over it. Still depressed after 2 weeks!

Should have left it at this length:( See the length of hair i cut. Even the girl next to me gasp out loud!

Rushed home to go Esplanade for a Singaporean gathering because ZQ is going back Perth. I'm surprised he didn't say ANYTHING about my hairstyle. Stayed out till 12.30am. All for you ZQ ok! If not i would be at home trying to recover from my Taiwan trip.

08.01.2008(Tuesday)-Absolutely refuse to step out of my house. Detox time.

09.01.2008(Wednesday)- Swimming. I need to lose all the fats i imagined in my head. It's all psychological because according to my weighing machine(yes, weighing myself was the first thing i did when i got back from Taiwan), i lost weight.

10.01.2008(Thursday)- Meet up with my Daaaarlings:) You guys are VERY helpful hur when i told you guys i want to lose weight. Ate ice cream>.<

See what these 2 sweetheart gave me! A little cute tortoise that says 'muuuuuaaak, I love you!' when you squeeze her stummy. She is a girl because she is pink! It's on my phone now! And these girls did the numbering photos again. They did until 5 but i posted only one. This is number 3.

We were supposed to swim again but the weather didn't allow so we ended up sitting under the umbrellas and chit chat.

Then when it was around 5plus, we went up because RP needs to go home for dinner.
RP: I need to go home to cook.
Esther + Me: WHAT??!!
RP: No la, only cook rice.
Est + me: Chey!

When we went up to my room, we continued playing Tai-ti(Chinese poker). We are teaching Esther to be Queen of Tai-ti:)

Yay, mummy dearest always cook what i feel like eating:):):)

11.01.2008(Friday)- Grounded at home to clean my room up. To tell you the truth, after 2 weeks, the room is back to it's original state. Which leads to the question of ' Why even clean my room??' Well, i'm a very clean person if i want to actually:P

All my trophies from Primary school till Junior college. To think that i was the champ swimmer in my primary school days when my daddy trains me. Whatever happened? Oh well, i'm still a pretty good swimmer anyway:) Oh well, there are some other academic, shot putt and table tennis medals there too. Oh ya, grow up with the boys in church sure do wonders to my table tennis skills. Like seriously, i beat a school team player from another school to a gold without training. How cool is that?

12.01.2008(Saturday)- After service, went to eat chili crab because i'm craving for some. In the end, 3 huge families went-___-"

After dinner, went to Uncle Chiang Meng's home because he moved again. The kids with Germaine's hamsters.

13.01.2008(Sunday)- Went shoe shopping with my daddy because Mum went to church to help out for the Evergreen followship stuff. The fastest i ever bought a pair of sporty shoes. 30 minutes because my dad was like 'come on, Serene.' He don't understand that i have to consider the fact that the shoes have to go with my clothes. Guys*shake head* And when i ask his opinion, everything looks nice on me-___-" But i'm happy happy joy joy because i finally got my lacoste shoes:)
14.01.2008(Monday)- Changi Airport Terminal 3. Waited and waited and waited for Donna Chiang and we found out she is in Terminal 2 so we waited for her to come over with Carmen and Jeffery.

While waiting for them, Yong Sheng and Azriel got bored and whizzed around in the luggage trolley. I tried pushing Azriel around. You are super heavy you know? And nearly collided into Yong Sheng so i stopped:P

Finally got my trench coat*insert thousand smileys* Long story about this coat. Just ask KKMC or Edwardy.

15.01.2008(Tuesday)- Went to get new spectacles with Mum. We spent 3 hours in the shop. Dad has classified the Mother and Daughter team as dangerous. You get the idea.

16.01.2008(Wednesday)- Out with Esther because i wanted to visit our newly renovated Yishun Town Secondary school. I feel lost when i went in because it looked so different. Mr Francis Tan was sweet enough to bring us around since there is security laws that doesn't allow us to go to anywhere else except the first floor.
My Secondary 3 and 4 form teacher, Madam Chan is still there. If you want to stay slim, be a teacher. I think being slim comes from the fact that teachers are really stressed up. But strangely, they don't age. I feel like i entered a time standstill.

Esther initially didn't want to go back. So much for 15minutes hor? After that, had a simple fare of ice kachang and popiah. Singaporean food that i miss so from my secondary school days. Ahhh, reminiscing those days.

17.01.2008(Thursday)-Stay home and blog
18.01.2008(Friday)- Visited the Singapore Bird Park because i had not been there since many many years. I think we went was with the gang(Joel, Jonah, Glenn, James, Amanda, Vince, Jean, my brother and me). Ah, those days... Went with KKMC, Joel, Timothy and Winly. Anyway, please don't go there! The birds are boring plus Singapore's humid weather.. made me feel crabby. Sorry Winly! My bad ok. I admit it was my idea. If you come again, we will bring you to Pulau Ubin ok!

Yeah, Singapore has the highest man made waterfall in the world. I'm not sure i can be very proud of that though. It's MAN-MADE after all.

Bird show

I'm still 10 years old at heart:) And it is getting hot!

Mad woman bird.
Jumping on the bridge. Joel wasn't liking it but Winly, Tim and I keep jumping just to annoy him:P KKMC got a bit worried because the whole bridge was moving! Haha, i think that is the funniest part of the whole trip.

All i can say is, if you want to go, go with good company because a boring place will be fun with great company!

19.01.2008(Saturday)- Look at the traffic at the causeway. Those little dots are actually humans. It's crazy!
Finally got to see our new addition to the family!

Went over to JB again because 阿公 and 阿妈 is going for our church evangelistic meeting in JB church. Met Grace there after so long! And the joke was she didn't know that Wen Ling is my cousin after knowing both of us so long!

It scares me that my grandparents are aging so fast. Time is going way too fast and i'm not liking it:( The upside, i had a heart to heart talk to Ah Ling(Wen Ling, Ah Ling is her nickname). Hope to see her again!

20.01.2008(Sunday)- Couldn't wake up for Youth service because thanks to the traffic jam on the causeway(yes again! Singapore government is supposed to be efficient!), we reached home only at 1am. In the end, i went to see CNG(Compressed Natural Gas) cars with my parents. See, we are an environmentally conscious family. And then because i really wanted a chandelier, we went to get one. I even got to go through the newly built Singapore's longest tunnel.

Once again, thank you daddy for setting it up for me:)

21.01.2008(Monday)- Curtain cleaning day! In times like this, i feel like i'm on Big Brother. Exposed!
22.01.2008(Tuesday)- Called up for relief teaching! Primary school kids are really adorable but no Primary ones thank you. They can be overwhelming sometimes.
23.01.2008(Today)- Wanted to go for a swim but then it rained HEAVILY. See, it's not that i don't want to swim. The weather just doesn't permits! Oh well, i better get ready for church now.

♥ Princess Serene

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