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Wednesday, January 02, 2008 ♥
On theolo 2008 ♥ 10:05 PM

For one, being a counselor is seriously not a easy task. It's involves heaps of energy, patience and love. I take it as a test from God. But I'm truly thankful to be able to help out for the 3 weeks because after I graduate from university, I don't think I will have another opportunity to take such a long break to serve God. Well, unless I quit my job or get retrenched. Thus, I am grabbing every chance to do some church work now:)

Students hard at work.

In between, I went out a little. And I will never give up anything for that dinner with my darling little brother. Had a very nice chat together:) And man, did we eat a lot.

And I got to know Emmy Lai better and I think we reach the level of tiredness that we giggle over something insignificant. I call that bonding session. Then Lisa dropped by to say hi.

Guess who else came? Theresa and Mellie.

En lin who was quiet became more lively over the 3 weeks after knowing us better.

I was bored waiting for Emmy Lai to pack. I took like 10 minutes and was done so I spent the rest of the time checking out my new camera. Oh, did I mention that my daddy got me a new camera? Panasonic Lumix FX38. And the most important thing is that it's PINK:):):)

Jennifer gave Yong Xian some sheep droppings!

Not in any particular order, the things that I noticed or experienced in theolo which I believe will be memorable for me in the future.

The happy and sad times. They are all memories.

· Preparing counseling (stressed!)

· Si Zhen Jie Jie (say in a sa jiao tone)

· Edward speaking English like an Indian

· Edward attempt to speak Thai

· The impromptu singing of hymns in the library

· The funny lame jokes from Edward and Victor

· Raymond Lee Lai hock

· Jonah baby

· Got a bruise from Samantha

· Giant! Grocery shopping

· Eh, go get ‘the what leh’

· As long it is pink, it is Serene’s

· Tea in the morning taste dodgy

· Pouring tea and hoping it would be alright

· Some ingenious person wrote tags on the teapots regarding the level of dodginess of the taste of tea

· Looking for big brother bell (Darlie ghost must have taken it)

· Anything cannot find, blame darlie ghost

· Darlie ghost-> Darlie toothpaste with FREE towel disappeared without a trace

· Big brother bell found on the second last day of theolo

· Eh! That one comes with free stuff! BuyJ

· Somebody coming… faster tidy up the library!

· Folding paper boats for lunch

· Who has panadol pink?

· If the place is still untidy, things are gonna be thrown away (a threat that has yet to be carried out. Thank God!)

· Bangla water bottles

· 30 minutes prayers

· 这是学生神学训练班不是学生灵恩会。

· I’m so tired

· Victor and his smelly pillow

· Machine gun prayer method

· Sisters supposed to be gentle, and demure. But in this theolo. The sisters, when they open their mouths…. ORLUOLUOLOOOOOR!

· Why are you not wearing pink?

· Charlene: Serene! Where did you go? Last night was so cold!

· New way of keeping away leftover rice. Cling wrap rice pot and shove it into the freezer!

· Laughter is essential to massage the spastic colon

· Sweeping the floor with the fan on, lights off

· Friendly fire

· Daniel talking like an Englishman

· Si Zhen the lioness

· Getting mauled by the lioness

· Johnson baby bath blue bottle

· Resisting blogging in theolo

· Getting high from too little sleep

I do not know whether next year I would get another chance to help out but whenever I can, I'll do it because, time is short.

I think I got to know my old Friend again. Slowly but surely....

♥ Princess Serene

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