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Thursday, January 31, 2008 ♥
JB trip:) ♥ 11:59 PM

Mum woke me up at an unearthly time of 8am(during holidays, i hardly do 8am mornings) to go Johor Bahru(JB). It was today that i realise how aggressive my mum is as a driver:S So her reputation was not unfound after all.

I love my Bak Kut Teh:)

After breakfast, mum want to have the car washed and on the way, i saw this. Sorry, i can't help but laugh. My mum thinks i'm crazy. Well, just imagine a Muslim driving it. Wouldn't it be so ironic?

Mum supervising the car wash.

Local sights. You will never see this in Perth! I love the wet market except the live chicken part. You probably seen the video in my previous blog entry before. I remembered not eating chicken for days after watching them slaughter the chicken so be warned! It is super gruelsome! But of course if you still want to watch, watch it at your own risk.
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After wet market, it was shopping at City square. Ahhh, finally aircon:) Oh the sales are fabulous! Sales make me feel so high:) I got 1 pair of shorts, 3 tops and a pair of sexy stilettos for RM200. Cheap or not? *Wide grin*

After that, Mum and I went over to my third Aunt's home because my grandparents are there. Shame that Ah Ling is not there to chat with me:(

But this baby entertained me most of the time i'm there:) He is soooo adorable! Well, maybe not when he got cranky.

Everybody together, say 'Awwww'

Anyway, i wish i can speak Hokkien, my maternal grandparents' main language. I could only speak Chinese so when i say stuff to them in Chinese, they nod their head and smile. And i'll be left wondering whether they understand me or not. My Hokkien is atrociously bad. I can't even speak a sentence fluently:( I wish i could though. I always envy people who have their grandparents lived with them. They are able to communicate with their grandparents so well. I never had the chance. Never had the chance to learn their language. Never had the chance to understand them. Never had the chance to hear understand their personal life stories. That probably explains why i don't feel close to them and every time i see them, it is a duty to call their names and then it all ends there and we will wander off doing something else while the older generation chatter away in rapid Hokkien.

Therefore, when i'm in Perth, some people don't understand why i want to learn Cantonese so much and i attempt to speak it as much as possible to my Hong Kong friends even if i'm laughed at for my somewhat funny accent. Thank God i have the ability for laughing at myself. Some of the words that i pronounced wrongly is really hilarious. But i hope to be fluent in Cantonese so that one day i'm able to understand what my faternal paternal grandmother has to say and am able to communicate with her although she can understand Chinese and English.

Being able to speak their native tongue, maybe, i say maybe, i'm able to tell them about how wonderful my God is and they are able to fully understand me and are persuaded to believe in Him. My maternal grandma's white snowy hair is a reminder that they are no longer young. Time is running out.

People may say just find somebody who can speak their language to preach to them but i want to be that somebody. My maternal grandmother could see the difference between her Christian grandchildren and non Christian grandchildren. So what is left is my personal testimony. I want to tell her how God blessed me.

Urgh, I hate this language barrier so much.

♥ Princess Serene

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