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Sunday, January 27, 2008 ♥
Another fruitful weekend ♥ 11:36 PM

Friday night- Sleepover @Sembawang church! We had bible study after service then it was SUPPER! Finally got to eat my Mutabak. Tim, i haven't got to eat my roti prata! I wanted to order roti prata for supper but Tim was like, we are eating it for breakfast tomorrow so i didn't order. Guess what we ate for brekkie? Macdonalds:) OK, i don't mind because i miss Singapore's Macdonald's sausage egg muffin!

Maybe i'll eat naan next time. Jonah's cheese naan looks yum!

Saturday- We were supposed to eat dinner together after choir but we couldn't decide where to eat then somebody suggested my home. Very funny ah, whose wonderful suggestion was it? Anyway, we ended up buying stuff from NTUC and then went my home for steamboat.

Guys are really BUMS. The guys meaning Tim, Zi Chao, Jonah and KKMC sat down watching tv while poor Fresa was cutting the stuff and i was hunting for all the stuff we need for the steamboat.

OK, must give the guys some credit, they made the drinks.

Do you think the soup ended up looking like shark fin soup? Anyway, I had a fantastic time:) Next week steamboat @church?


Sunday- Went for the real deal. My parents are the best!

OK, it's bad to drink shark fin soup and i'm not advocating it. But then again, i hate sharks so i rather i eat them than they eat me.

Chili crab! *screams* I heart chili crab:) Honey dew sago for dessert.
Ahh, i love my summer hols. Things seems to get better:)

And for those who haven't seen my new hair cut, here you go. Yes, i'm a Cheena girl!

♥ Princess Serene

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