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Saturday, December 01, 2007 ♥
I'm home! ♥ 11:44 PM

The whole of last week when by like a whirlwind. Like before i knew it, it was Sunday already. I'm sorry if i couldn't meet up with some of you guys. I have huge time constraints like seriously i wish i could split myself into multiple Serenes. I even have to squeeze violin at 8am in the morning on Saturday. It is that crazy because i usually leave Saturdays for God. Anyway, there is like truckloads of pictures.

Finally... I'm coming home

Monday- Impromtu lunch with Holven and Victor at Fuji.

Then dinner@Sebastian. Woodfired pizza. The very word wood fired already made the pizza more superior:P And the huge ass cookies and cream cheesecake. Mmmm.

Tuesday- Fine dining with my dearest Natasha:) We were having lunch when this plane was flying around making so much noise that it forces you to look up and instead of being annoyed, i smiled. Somebody was trying to propose to a girl! There was this banner at the tail of the plane saying ... Sorry, i forgot but it was a very sweet message. I thought it was very romantic although Tasha says she will be very embarrassed if that happens to her.
We had this hot waiter who served our table but we suspect he is gay:( Why are all the good looking ones gay. Sadness.

After that was shopping with my woman, Shonia. Garden city is FANTASTIC!

Wednesday- Full time shopping with Tash in city

Thursday-Trigg beach. Isn't it beautiful. I wish Singapore has better beaches!

Friday- Horse riding at Rockingham. Shonia's friends, Daniel and QQ came so we decided to go horse riding. I reckon it was too hot and there was a zillion flies! While trotting, i laughed out loud and one of the flies got into my mouth. It was DISGUSTING! You could feel it squirming and obviously i spit it out.

ANYWAY, i was being a dill and forgot my camera so all the pictures are with QQ. Shonia has been partying hard and i had been going out often so i haven't met her online to grab the pictures. Will update next time!

Saturday- As usual Sabbath service then after that we went to H&D's home to celebrate Max's and Ruth's birthday.
Mickey's getting fatter!

Pizza and KFC:) I reckon Ruth feels extremely unlucky to celebrate her birthday with Max. You can see why:P

Max did a slow motion fall from the swivel chair and it was so funny! Played 'Guess who i am'. I was Princess Diana and Yvonne was my mother-in-law!

I think Max's mentally affected by the exams. He went around strangling people, even unsuspecting me while i was on the phone!

I know i'm a bit lag but i'm seriously busy! I started on this entry on Sunday when i got home but things always get crazy when i get home. All the late nights is taking a toil on me. Getting sick. I refuse to admit that i'm sick! Not yet! Sighs, i really want a break. Maybe i need to escape to my grandparents' place where there is no internet and no phone reception. Prolly after my Taiwan and Thailand trip. There is just too much important stuff to do right now.

By the way, i had so much yummy food! And, i never knew i miss ice Kachang so much. Have been having them nearly everyday. Happy happy joy joy:)

♥ Princess Serene

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