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Friday, November 02, 2007 ♥
A talk with my woman ♥ 3:48 PM

Although it was almost a week ago, i'm still pondering about what my woman said to me on that Saturday night when she came over to my place for an impromtu talk.

I came to realised that my core principles, those that will never ever change with time is so different from those from the world. My views on pre marital sex was deemed as unique and traditional because nobody seemed to believe in that anymore. When i mentioned that i was sure that other christians are not doing it, my woman just laughed and said, ' what christians, they are doing it anyway.' I was disheartened to hear that other christians from other churches do not think that being chaste is a important factor. I do not want to be like the other christians. I want to follow in His ways and stay true to Him. Not the people whom claimed that they go church and believe in Jesus Christ yet not emulate His ways. Even in Asia where i thought people are more conservative, it seems that everybody is doing it and think that it is ok. I do not understand. Surely, the world can't be in that a bad shape?

I don't know but as christians, we know that it is morally wrong to have pre marital sex. Yet why is everybody doing it? The other day, i was talking to my other friend and he told me the same thing. I do not know why, but i started crying. I feel so disappointed and i can imagine God shaking His head and weeping for His people who are doing this.

I know i'm naive but i wish i had not known all these and be the old happy me and think that this world is not as bad as i now know it to be. But everybody have to grow up. Even if they don' t want to.

♥ Princess Serene

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