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Tuesday, November 06, 2007 ♥
Of birthdays and Breath testing ♥ 11:32 PM

Had a fabulous dinner at Burswood. Fine dining is fantastic:):):) Well, it was a friend's 21st birthday so i guess that warrants a good dinner. I thought i should do new things at least once in my life time whether i like it or not. Thus i decided to order a $94 Wagyu beef sirlion steak. To tell you the truth, it tasted like any other steak so my verdict is that don't bother. Just go for the normal scotch steak. Thank God for the entertainment card so i got a discount:)

Since it was a birthday, there was complimentary champagne and birthday cake. And no, i only had 3 sips of the wine because i was the driver. See, i'm being a responsible driver:P

After dinner, went to casino. The fastest $30 i ever made in my life. 10 mins flat. Well, i'm not advocating gambling though. Ok, i'm going to use the birthday excuse again:P But don't worry, i'm not gonna do it again although Tasha says that i should go with her to the casino at least once. Nah nah, gambling is not good for you. Don't do it!

10.30pm, drive home. Obviously i drove. You can't let the birthday person drive, can you? Well, it was Melbourne cup so a lot of people were getting drunk which explains a road block where the police were taking breath tests. My first virgin breath test! Haha, ZQ told me about it before and i always wanted to do it but ZQ didn't tell me that you have to blow THAT hard! Anyway, i didn't see the car in front of me brake so by the time i saw, i had to brrake REALLY hard. I think the policeman thought i was drunk. Anyway, he asked me whether i had anything to drink and i was like 'yeah, a little champagne'plus my face was flushed. I'm pretty sure i saw the police guy raised his brows. He then instructed me to blow into the pipe which i did but i obviously didn't blow very hard because he was like 'take a deep breath and blow again'. Damn embarrassing because he had to do it twice. Thank God i passed it. Maybe there is still room for improvement on my driving skills. Nothing to do with drinking. Yes, i'm trying to be humble over here.

Great evening only to be dampen by the thought of my two papers on Friday. Why do they have to put Law and accounting on the same day*sighs sighs sighs* Alright everybody, i need all the spiritual intervention i can get. That means that everybody PRAY for me. Thank you:) I love you all*blow kiss*

♥ Princess Serene

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