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Monday, November 12, 2007 ♥
Confused ♥ 3:18 PM

Exams exams exams... i don't want to study anymore already! I counted that after my finals this semester, i have 12 more freaking exams to go. So not funny:(

Next semester, i'm gonna be the nerdest of the nerds except that i will be the most well dressed one too:) A true nerd at heart but will never compromise my fashion.

My life has been a crazy roller coaster ride for the last few weeks but hey, that is what makes life even more interesting although i must admit that i can do without so much drama.

Isn't it strange that when you want something so much and after you got it, you decided that you don't want it anymore? Perhaps, i'm very fickle minded but you know what they say about 'being careful for what you wish for.' It is just so true. And i thank God that he didn't grant everything that i had asked Him.

Sigh sigh sigh. I don't think i had sighed so much in my life. I think i inherited it from my housemate. She is the most stressed person (after me) that i had seen. Wait, actually Tash comes close. This house had been a mad house during the exam period. Masquerade, phantom of the Opera, screaming, crying and every other weird ways of destressing.

Ok, i'm still the number one crybaby and i don't deny it. My friends says it is unhealthy but that is how i cope and remain sane for my exams. Cry cry cry then after that i'll be back studying.

And if anybody wants to lose weight, take exams! I already lost 2 kg over the last 5 days because i absolutely have no appetite to eat. I'll gain it back after exams though because i eat lots when i'm happy!

P.s: The highest form of love is the willingness to sacrifice yourself but that does not mean that you have to compromise your princples.

♥ Princess Serene

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