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Sunday, October 28, 2007 ♥
Updates in my life ♥ 8:31 PM

I had been rather busy although it might not be neccessary studying:P Despite exams just around the corner. The thought that i'm ending another semester soon scares me because time seems to fly so fast.

Last Sunday(21.10.2007)~ Sandalford winery for the Singaporeans gathering. Thanks Nicole for organising the lunch. It was fabulous:)

Thanks ZH for driving Shonia and me around. And for tolerating my incessant questions.

ZH: 你可以不要问那么多吗?

Mmmmmm, doesn't these yummy food make your mouth water?

With my beloved woman. With Nicole and Belle.
Our group photo

10.10.2007~ Zhi Qiang's birthday. Nothing exciting. The usual song singing, cake blowing and eat cake procedure.
13.10.2007~ Feel like chocolate fondue. Actually, i feel like having that everyday but that is a luxury i can't have. Had tacos(read healthy) and sandwiches for dinner then fondue. That is Mickey the cat by the way.

After that, went to Northbridge because of Daisy's birthday. The first time ever that i went to KTV. I know, don't laugh, there is a first in everything you do anyway. All i know is that i should have drove because i didn't get home until 3am. Just sat in the room and listen to them sing and sing songs that i never heard before. I decided i won't be going K anytime soon. I went because of Daisy. She sings beautifully:)

♥ Princess Serene

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