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Thursday, October 04, 2007 ♥
Perth Royal Show ♥ 11:35 PM

All the hype about the Perth Royal show made me curious so i went to check the show out with Esther, Mel and Wilson
Had Bim bin bap for lunch:)
We took the train to the showgrounds. It has been AGES since i took public transport! I like my car better:)

At Perth Royal show! From left: Esther, me and Mel

Musicians on stilts

Lazy people get around by chair lift. Nice scenery up there is my excuse:P Mel was scared so Wilson, being the nice gentleman accompanied her while Esther and I took the chairlift. I admit, when u look down, it's kind of daunting. But i won't admit i'm scared:P
Lot's of farm animals.
I heart doggies, they make me happy:) The lil' sheep dog puppy is so cute herding sheeps bigger than him.

Took the Ranger ride which was a little freakier than Nitro because they turn you upside down. They are similar, they give me the thrill. Not sure whether Wilson's ears are working ok or not because i was screaming the whole time. I think my choir instructor will be so proud of my vocalisation. The rides ain't that scary though, they are like what we have in Singapore's Escape Theme park except they cost $8 each. I think the price is scarier.
I wanted to watch the fireworks but Esther and Mel thought we are only staying till evening. It was freezing at night!
The super fattening, oil dripping curly fries
Mel is scared of every ride:S We managed to convince her that the ferris wheel ain't scary at all.
The night view is pretty isn't it? It reminds me of...

Finally after walking and walking and walking( i believe we walked 3 rounds of the whole place) the fireworks finally appeared. The whole trip + freezing cold was worth the showcase. A full 15 minutes.
Thank you Wilson for sending me home! Was flat out after the whole day. The amount of walking is equal to one week worth of exercise except the fries made it equal again.

♥ Princess Serene

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