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Wednesday, October 03, 2007 ♥
Ashamed ♥ 1:27 PM

When i heard about the dire plight that one of my loved ones is in, i feel horribly ashamed of myself. Here i am, living comfortably because my parents had set aside sufficient money for me not to worry about paying the rent and having enough to eat but just to concentrate solely on my studies and i am complaining about life being unfair*look away in sheepishly* Here i am kicking up a fuss about being aimless in life while their sole problem is how to get through life with virtually zero dollar in their bank account.I made a big deal out of my problems but when i look at my own problems again and compared that to those of my dear ones, they seemed to pale in contrast. Almost to the point of childishness. From now on, when i am about to complain, i will remember to shut my mouth and think about the less fortunate. It seems to be more real when it is happening to somebody you know.

I am really thankful to my God who gave me such wonderful parents. And thank you Dad and Mum for being such wonderful parents although you still don't believe in buying me a Gucci bag:P

Also, thank you to those people who call me to make sure that i stay sane and alive and at the same time heard my rantings. Although you think that you didn't say much but the phone call itself is testimony to the fact that you care and that is all that counts:)

♥ Princess Serene

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