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Saturday, October 20, 2007 ♥
38.6 degrees celsius ♥ 10:52 PM

FEVER is not funny. I think i actually went delirious because Natasha said i was blabbering nonsense. The first thing i thought of when i saw the temperature on the thermometer was 'any higher and my brains are going to be fried and there is only 2 consequences, either i get stupid or smart' You know how in those movies the person got a high fever then later became a genius? I think the heat trigger something in the brain.

The thing about being alone in a foreign country is that you are alone. No mummy or daddy to coo over you. Although i had been whining quite a bit:P I deserve to ok!

Crawled out of bed today because i felt bad for missing church yesterday. Oh, and when you tell one person in church that you are sick=whole church know. It's a nice feeling though that somebody cares:) I mean getting sick isn't but you know what i mean.

So not my fault that i got fever. Yvonne aka Boss thinks that i got sun stroke because i told her i went to the beach. When i mentioned that the sun got hidden behind the clouds most of the time, she says it doesn't matter. I think i should believe her because after all she is boss nurse.

Still, the beach was worth it with Misty. Awww, she is the most adorable goldie ever. Ok, actually all goldies are adorable. I have a soft spot for them:) I should have hit myself for forgetting my camera. I even drove 10 minutes home just to get it then forgot to chuck it into my beach bag immediately. Total noob-___-" Saw a stingray which had strayed to the shore. This so reminds me not to swim in the sea. What if i met another stringray? So not funny.

Anyway, if none of this makes sense, pardon me because my fever hasn't gone down after 1 day of sleep and a couple of panadol:S

♥ Princess Serene

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