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Wednesday, September 19, 2007 ♥
Varekai of Cirque Du Soleil ♥ 11:32 PM

was really good. It never fails to amaze me how the acrobats can twist and turn with such agility. Wish that my mum had pushed me with my ballet lessons but i'm still very thankful that she forced coerced me into my piano classes.

I only had this photo but when i get the rest of the pictures from Nicole and Christine*read: not going to happen anytime soon* I'll put them on this entry.

Finally managed to enter Nicole's home. That silly girl didn't bring a jacket with her and since she stays in the heart of the city, we can walk back to her home from the cirus.

After that, we had dinner at Roman Palace since it was Dennis(Nicole's sister) birthday and she wanted Italian food. I'm very sure that the steak here is the best i ever tasted in Perth. The succulent tasty divine delectable steak is just so.... heavenly.
I really enjoyed my evening immersely:)

♥ Princess Serene

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