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Sunday, September 02, 2007 ♥
Reflection on my 20 years on earth ♥ 7:21 PM

While staring at my fishies swimming around and around, floods of memories came back to me. I guess this is very apt for my birthday. Here it goes...

I remember:
Hugging that big huge soft toy bear twice my size which my daddy bought
Looking like a boy when i was a baby
The long walks with an old ang moh and my dad when my dad had to babysit me
The shemales carrying me in Thailand
The night safari at Mandai Zoo
Fighting with my brother all the time
I remember playing 'guess what sauce this is' with fries in Macdonalds with Dad and Alvin
Playing with dogs at my maternal grandparents place
Carrying little ducklings in my hands and squealing in delight
My second Uncle playing with us and saving me from weird insects at my grandparents' place
Being endlessly stung by mosquitoes because i play in the jungle
Playing with the goats
Feeding the chickens and ducks
Everybody gathering together for Chinese New Year
I only met my dad's 2nd brother when i was 15
The Turks fancinated by my small tiny eyes
Drinking apple tea in Turkey all the time
Climbing the Great wall of China
Walking on tree tops in Sabah
Conquering Mount Kinabalu
Diving with Dad and Alvin for the first time in Malaysia
Eating endless chocolate cakes at the back of the bus in Korea
Going to Disneyland in the US twice and am not tired of it
Playing in Sunway Lagoon and got horribly sunburnt
Having fun in KL with Nicole and Jack
Dad giving me surprise by putting that Limited Edition Barbie doll i wanted so much on my bed
Alvin and I excited when dad comes home from overseas because he buys us stuff
That unique dress Dad bought me from US
Mum making me my birthday cakes when i was young
Having muscle aches after ballet classes
Playing the piano at Raffles City for the music marathon
Mum making the most delicious food ever
Crying when my mum threw away the soft toy that was with me for years
Trying on Masacra for the first time and stabbing myself in the eye
Waxing my legs for the first time and nearly killed myself with pain
Getting myself into trouble because i talk too much
Alvin and I hiding the feather duster so mum can't find it
Walking Max in the wee mornings
Playing with Max makes me happy
How i cried when Max died
Dad and Mum never giving me pressure to do well in school
The liberty i had because my parents trusted me
How i always complain about having not enough clothes despite having lots already
Always being the drama queen
Going to church every Friday and Saturday
Being the teachers' pet in bible classes
Kicking Joel in the shins because i was angry
The boys in church making me cry
And Christopher making me laugh
Christopher and Sen Kee being my closest buddies
The three of us torturing Jan Kee(our tutor) during our O levels
Studying late into the night with you two
Us drifting apart
Being the only sister who played with the boys because the other girls are too young
Running and climbing around church in my dresses
Playing table tennis because that was the 'in' game and there was nobody else to play other games with me
Vince bring his gameboy and everybody else wanted one too
Being asked ordered to sit properly by Jie Bili during sermons
Joel was called my 'boyfriend' when we were young
How both of us got so mad at the others for calling us that(we were only 9?)
Crying when i left Kindergarten class in church because Emmalyn was a year younger than me hence she was not with me
Kor kor Benjamin being my big kor kor besides Joel
How you two never fail to help me solve my problems
Playing the recorder for performances
How i became proud and fell from grace
Picking myself up and try to be humble
Getting the Holy Spirit and how joyful i was
Surviving Theolo for 3 weeks
Hui Ping was my buddy
We drifted apart
Emmalyn giggling with me at night when we whispered secrets under our blankets
That i was always elected leader because you guys always sabotage me
Standing at the balcony and stare at the stars
Fresa laughing at me because the stars i had been staring at were in fact satellites
The fellowships
Being taller than the boys for once when i was 12
My big kor kors always humouring me
Being conned into choir in Primary, Secondary school and JC ( Why can i never learn??!)
Playing hopscotch during recess time in Primary school
Being elected as a student Councilor by teachers in Primary and Secondary school
The rumors about ghosts in the toilets in my schools
Being banned from reading because i read too much for my own good
Mr Tan making us speak up in class
How i can never conquer Chinese even now
Buying birthday presents under $5(It has since inflated to more than 500% )
Getting Dengue fever and got exempted from PE(Physical Education) classes
My parents getting crazy because i'm always on the phone
Patterapon and Amelia being my best friends in Primary school
Those cheesy poems we wrote in each others diaries
Winning in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place at the swimming competition for 2 years straight
Gayathri being my first friend in Secondary school
I nearly died from the spicyness of the curry i ate at Gayathri's home
Eileen, the Ah Lian, hating me for no reason
Wei Si speaking no English when she was first here but she is pro-er than me now
Pulling flag at flag raising
The day i was made S&L chairperson
How RP, Esther and Aileen became close friends that i have until now
Sunesh teaching me about fishies
How i always complain about being sweaty in class
The boys playing WWF at the back of my class
How my class get always get special treatment because we are the only triple science class
My first phone was Nokia 3310
Having my first real crush and going gaga over him
I celebrated my 15th birthday at Berkelah
Waking up one day and telling myself i'll never cry over a guy again
Being freaked out by Sharmanie during a horror movie, and then she was freaked out by me because i kept crying
Mugging like crazy for O levels
Sitting upright for 3 hours during choir practices
That violin guy who exited my life as suddenly as he entered my life
Skipping classes because i was too tired
The long walk from the bus stop to my JC
The never ending amount of homework
How i felt when i left Singapore for Perth
How my mouth hang open when i found out shops close at 5pm
The cold of the winter and the rain that came with it
The guys and their loud cars
Crying and freaking out before my exams
Being relieved that i finally got into UWA
Those 兜风
Running in the rain
Passing my driving test
The freedom my car gives me
Still how sweet love can be and the bitterness that it brings along .

There are so many things. It would be impossible to list every single one down but in my entire 20 years, these are the memories that strike me deeply .

One thing i'm sure...

I'm loved.

♥ Princess Serene

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