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Thursday, September 13, 2007 ♥
Pink is my life! ♥ 7:14 PM

Recently, i realised that i'm indeed pink crazy. It has reached a point when i demand something to be pink or i would not buy it. Like on Tuesday, I went Officework with Tash to get some stuff. I needed a flash drive so we went to the electronics section.
I simply refuse to buy a ugly grey looking flash drive. I want a pink one!
We nearly gave up until i came across this Sundisk one. Apparently, those nerdy designers are getting smart and are taking into account what girls like. This flash drive is so cool, you can even change the skin to other colours too:) See, it's pink*squeals* and it's 2 GB ok, don't play play ah!
I know, i know, at this point of time, most of the guys are probably slapping their forehead and saying this is JUST a flash drive. It's not ok! You need to do this with style. This is what separate a true blue nerd to a pseudo one*points to self*

I think my life is getting so frivolous!
Pink flip flops in the baby pink shade i like!

Pink shampoo, conditioner, soap

Pink clock

Pink rocks at the bottom. Man, if there were pink fishies i would have bought them!

Pink street directory in my car( too lazy to go take a picture)...
Pink Powerpuff girls file. I love Blossom the best!

Pink phone. The starter of all conversations
And i got so many pink stuff!
Oh, and i learnt that independence has it's bad side too!
I don't mind shopping alone+have a car=shopping anywhere i like:)
Shopping X no such word as 'window shopping' in my vocabulary= $$$$ fly away
Don't worry dad, this occurs once in the blue moon when i really have time. My love affair with ebay is over by the way. I moved on to bigger stuff. Not telling:P

♥ Princess Serene

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