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Friday, September 21, 2007 ♥
Out with Shonia again ♥ 10:56 PM

Never associate Shonia with being punctual. Knowing her well, 'coming now'='i'll be there in 2 hours time'. Not because she stays far from me but because she is such a procrastinator. Yes, woman! Admit it:P

That lucky girl is going back Singapore today and as most people, need to bring stuff home. *Imagine my mum giving the 'but Serene never does that except when i ask her to' look* Okok, next time i bring home apple strudel! Apparently they are the best and started way back in 1957. Don't play play ah!
After that, we had Korean food because i was craving for some. The restaurant is calling 'Da Chang Jin' O.o The whole restuarant was empty when the both of us entered and i was wondering whether we had made a mistake of entering. Fortunately, the food was good.
Shonia thought her flight was at 3.50pm but no, it was 3.30pm. Made me drive like a crazy woman. Now i understand how my mum is so pro at driving. Imagine having to rush us to school for the last erm, 12 years. Anyway, she still didn't made it to the plane NOT because i wasn't pro enough but because it is virtually impossible for me to reach the airport in 15 minutes time.
Changed her flight to tomorrow 12.05pm flight then drove back and since she didn't have the key to her home, she came over my place to bum until her uncle comes home. After i dropped her to her home, i went to church and at 9.35pm i checked my phone after service and saw a sms from Shonia. This time she come out with another stunt. She was leaving on Tiger airlines at 9.35pm. I tell you, this woman is full of surprises. The wonders you do for love*shake head*
Enough craziness for a day. But i still love you in a non sexual way, my woman=)

♥ Princess Serene

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