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Monday, September 10, 2007 ♥
A looong entry... ♥ 5:30 PM

Firstly, I want to thank EVERYBODY who sent me birthday wishes through call/ sms/ MSN/ email and every possible way! I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of birthday wishes from everybody. Even those who i never thought would remember. Yet, what disappoint me most is that the people i thought were close to me, forgot. Perhaps, i expect too much of them. I'm not angry, just disappointed. Bah, let's move on to happier things.. Oh, thanks J for the stickers i found in the mail:) You give me the weirdest presents but the most memorable. I still remember the clock! I didn't even know it was not right in Chinese superstition until you asked me whether i mind. Well, i was super young then. I love all the presents you guys gave me, they are very practical i must say:)

This year, i blew candles on 2 birthday cakes!
01.09.2007(Saturday night)
Dinner was at Fasta Pasta... It's not hogsbreath but at least it's a big improvement from last year.

Cliff avocado pasta which taste surprisingly yum. And my steak. Thank you Korkor Henry and Debbie Jie for the treat!

My two entertainers. They never fail to amuse me:) We girls rocks!

My Princess cake. I'm serious. It says 'As pretty as a princess'. I like*grins* The whole gang.

My birthday paaarrty. A huge thanks to my dearest fellow bitching/mind reading/shopping partner in crime, Shonia who was pretty insistent on a birthday party for me. Actually she started planning on Thurday already when she came over to Holven's home to pass me a slice of Tiramisu. As you know, i'm NOT exactly keen on a party. But NO, this woman, say must have. You win. I had fun:) *hugs*

As it was a super last minute decision, it was not possible to hold it at some restaurant so we had it at Holven's and Winnie's place.

The people in the kitchen

The highlight of the party... CHOCOLATE FONDUE saved my party!

Girls love chocolate! It was sooooo good*sigh contently*
Holven's birthday is a day before me so we share our cake. Make a wish:)

I TOLD you all already. The cake never gets eaten:( Shonia, good choice of cake hur. Tiramisu, my favourite but also one of the creamest. First, you guys says use my mouth to take the candle out. And you all make sure it was all the way into the cake so there is no way i won't dirty my face even though it is flat. Ha, Ariffin! Caught you in the act!

I keep saying i can't and Sam says if i don't get the candle out soon, he will throw the cake into my face:S Then i did it so fast nobody was fast enough to react.

So, somebody decided to grab some cake and throw it into my face. It happened so fast, i was stunned.
Hence here are a few lessons to avoid getting cake on yourself

Lesson 1: don't be happy too early. If you get the candle out fast, don't stand there and be gleeful. Just RUN!

Lesson 2: In the event that you get cake in your face, share the fun. Get it on as many people as possible. But please, not on the girls.

Lesson 3: Get as far as possible from the birthday girl/boy. Best to have a glass between those with the weapon and you.

Lesson 4: Never open doors. You never know who will be there.

After the cake flinging activity, we cleaned up and continue playing majong and photo taking.

Note: I had been holding to the same wine glass in all the photos. Only half a glass ok. I look rosy but i'm tipsy or high in any way. The main point is, I AM NOT DRUNK!
Whoever loses, get drawn.

When it is your birthday, you usually get away with alot of things. Like, laughing at the drawn and getting a cute lil' heart on your cheek when you lost. I seriously, don't know what Holven is doing. Maybe he got high from all the alcohol.

Attempting to smile despite having cake on my face.

Man, i smelt of Tiramisu cake 1 day later despite shampooing my hair twice! But it was a super duper moisturising hair mask*touching my super soft hair*

Had an very interesting morning. 2.15am@Burswood wasn't funny. But that place is crowded with people. Please tell me, what is wrong with these people? Don't they need SLEEP?

Struggled to get out of bed after 4 hours of sleep for TJC sports day.

The day before, we had to braid the rope for tug-of-war and i think the braiding string part was more fun than the tug-of-war itself. We had dinner in church on Saturday in preparation for this event.

My group, the Eagles!

We had to come up with a cheer and i can say my cheer making skills hasn't diminished.

Me: Ok, here is the first line. We are the Eagles. What's next? What rhymes with Eagles?
Henry: Bagels?
Me: Haha, okie. We will beat them like bagels.
*Everybody laugh*

Here is the complete one that we came up with. We won because of our cheer ok!
We are the Eagles,
We will beat you like bagels.
We fly above the rest,
We are the BEST!

Our prize. Lunch... Yumilious food by the mothers!

I laughed when i saw this picture. Why can't you guys stare at the camera? Ethan the fat baby is soooo cute*squeals* Now i want a baby too. Henry says they are on special in Target:P

I had been doing this blog entry for six hours straight and i'm very tired now. But why i can't i sleep? I tried everything from classical music to reading my corporate accounting textbook. CA just made me more stressed since i can't understand it. Hmm, maybe i should get the 'knockout pills' from Tash. Whatever happened to the 'i can sleep any time, any where' me? Thank God i have my one week break now:)

♥ Princess Serene

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