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Tuesday, September 11, 2007 ♥
Insomnia ♥ 5:12 PM

For the last week, i had been extremely busy. After my birthday, Monday to Friday was crazy. Literally.

I felt kinda of sick on Monday probably because of all the late nights following up my birthday. I was supposed to study for my Mid Semester exams which is on Thursday and Friday but then my head felt like floating around. So Monday=rest.

Tuesday, i was full-on sick. Great, just what i need when i planned exactly 3 precious days for studying. Tuesday=rest.

Any idiot would now know that i'm offically screwed for my exams. One day each for my two paper.

UWA is honestly different from Canning. Like i feel so much slacker now yet i don't feel the pressure to work hard. I once asked people to give me motivation but you know what. I think i got it for free. I don't even need to pay somebody for it.

After my Thursday accounting paper. I felt so.... disappointed in myself. I always say i want to change and that i will never procrastinate again yet i repeat the same damn vicious cycle again and again. I'm sorry if i keep crying and crying. I couldn't help it. I want to change but i can't. Nobody can help me except You.

Yesterday, i couldn't sleep. Just couldn't. I think i'm stressed but i don't know why i am stressed. It's like my week free now. I should be happy, cooking up dishes, making a kite, going for numerous 兜风 but whenever i close my eyes, i remembered how i felt in my accounting exam. I think i had been psychologically scarred. Can i sue the university for this? I will take the 'knock out' pills tonight if i really can't sleep. I'm really really really tired you know.

♥ Princess Serene

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