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Thursday, September 27, 2007 ♥
Doing a 3,000 words law assignment ♥ 11:18 PM

in 2 days is not funny. Okok, partially my fault too considering that the assignment was given to me a month ago. I can imagine my dad calling me to give me a lecture already. I think i scare him with my downward spiral results but i guess that was a reminder that although i already got into UWA, that doesnt mean i can slack off.

Anyway, doing the law assignment had made me a section quoting freak. I managed to convinced Tash to go with me because there probably ain't any carpark and she was kind enough to obligate. I was driving down Mount Bay road and there was a bus in front of me. And that was the start of our little interesting conversation.

Me: Tash, what if the driver had an accident? Who is liable? Can he get fired?
Tash: Uh, not sure.
Me: Hmm, you know section 140 doesn't say anything about employees.
Tash: Can you just shut up?

Then we both burst out laughing. Tash thinks that i had gone insane because prior to that, i was telling her how wonderful section 232 was for members. Maybe my brain had went overdrive. Thank God i only had 2 law units to do. And by the way, that statue book must be the worst book i ever own with my cost accounting text following close behind in position number 2.

♥ Princess Serene

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