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Tuesday, August 07, 2007 ♥
Urge to blog ♥ 1:39 AM

At 2am in the morning, i have this insatiable urge to blog. Don't ask me why but i have a feeling that my body clock is a bit screwed at the moment. How long ago was the last time i stayed up this late? All my friends says i'm abnormal because their favourite phrase when i start whining at 10.30pm is 'the night is still young'. Hey, who came up with that phrase huh? Young my foot! 10.30pm is like 1.5 hours to midnight. At the moment, i feel extreme tiredness yet... i'm still awake. I know i just contradicted myself.

Honestly, i'm totally ashamed at myself. Everybody seems to be studying extremely hard but me? I bum left right centre. I don't even know how the day ended except that I wake up in the morning, drive to uni, look for car park, daydreaming listening in lectures, drive home, shower, watch tv, chat on MSN, blog, sleep. What kind of life is this??? And today, went to Happy family's home again. If you are in search for alcohol and chocolate biscuits, you have found the right house. So if i ever become an alcoholic which is highly unlikely considering how i hate the way my face turn beetroot red even if i drink little, mum you know where to look. Mr dear ZH poured me port which is sweet(I like!) but prolly cuz i haven't been drinking for some time so kinda of out of practice. So fast get tipsy like that how to challenge Ariffin?? Haiyo, i need more training:P Ok, kidding! Anyway, i still win ZH in the NDS game*stick tongue out*

I really need motivation to start studying. UWA will be different from Canning- independence. Currently, Jackson is like the only person i'm aware of who is hardcore mugging like exams are coming soon which technically is quite correct considering how Mid semester exams are like in 1.5 months time*gasp* Maybe i should study with him and hopefully his anxiety of the need to study hard will rub into me and affect me. I really need to start. I feel disgustingly ashamed of myself yet i'm not doing anything about it which make me feel even more appalled at my own behaviour:(

♥ Princess Serene

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