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Sunday, August 19, 2007 ♥
Still bumming strong ♥ 6:12 PM

I thought before my violin class on Wednesday, i should attmept to do my tutorials but no, Tasha suggested we try out the smoky eyes effect because the other day i was telling her that maybe we should try it one day.
Great. What i thought would take a maximum of 15 minutes turned out to be 2 hours. Because after i did the smoky eyes for the both of us, we decided we should go all the way out, so we put mascara too. Loads of them. Oh, and after that, i was like, ' i wonder how i look with wavy hair, now that i cut my hair so much shorter.' I realised i cut my hair really short, cuz i need Tash to help me curl them. After that i helped her with her long long hair.

After Sabbath service yesterday, i asked Kor kor Henry and Da jie Debbie whether we can go their house because i want to see Mickey, their new kitten. Wilson says it is so big, it is no longer a kitten but i don't care. He is so shy though. Yeah, and i forgot to take photos due to the excitement of trying to stroke it without scaring it. Sorry, next time.

Oooh, we had the most evil dinner ever. To think my fitball workout on Friday went to waste*shake head* We had pizza, KFC and... and Chocolate fondue! Yummilious!
I took a video. I find it funny that all of us were amused at how the chocolate was flowing down and debating whether we miss an ingredient when it wasn't runny. Apparently, it wasn't warm enough so all we needed to do was to wait a little.

Max is soo funny as usual, he spilled chocolate all over his front. Somebody pass him a bib.

♥ Princess Serene

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