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Wednesday, August 01, 2007 ♥
One crap day ♥ 8:05 PM

Today is just not my day.

I didn't sleep well the whole of last night then this morning, woke up to Natasha calling my phone asking me to pick her up. Come to think of it, kinda of hilarious.

Me:(sleepy) Hello.
Tash: Serene, can you pick me up to curtin?
Me: Where are you now(yawn)
Tash: In Curtin, i just finished class
Me: Alright, i just woke up, give me 5 minutes
Tash: No, i will be home in 5 minutes.
Me: Huh? You want me to pick you up right?
Tash: Ya.
Me: If you are in Curtin, how can i pick you up in Curtin?
Tash: I'm coming home now, you pick me up from home to Curtin.
Me: Oh, okie. See ya later (Fell back into bed to doze)

Then after that, called Paul because he wants a lift and i was meant to meet him at 10am.

Me: Hey Paul! I'll pick you up at Curtin Bus stop at 10am
Paul: Uh, my class is at 10am
Me: (stunned+ half awake) Uh, alrite, i try to get there by 9.45am. See ya!

Rush rush rush. Went to brush my teeth and scare the hell out of myself because my face has pimples! Then can't find my watch and start panicking because Dad and mum gave it to me. Flip the whole room upside down and thank God found it. Tash fed me breakfast and both of us rushed out to my car. Petrol at E. Great. Went to pump petrol and was late in picking Paul and Sin Tai. Reached uni drop the guys off and went to United near Broadway shopping centre. Oh yes, i managed to find my way there. Understanding company law out of stock. Wonderful. Went back to Uni to find parking and started complaining to God. I know it is a bit weird but i always whine to God anyway.

Me: Hey God, You got to help me out with this one.
Me: I need a parking lot like now.
Me: God, i'm serious. If i don't get a parking lot like now, i'll be late for class AGAIN.

Funny, immediately saw somebody reversing out:) Slightly late for class and it started raining when i get out of the car. Somehow i accidently killed my umbrella. Reached the lecture hall and spotted ZQ and Winnie then went to sit with them. Unfortunately, there is this weird girl sitting beside me who keep on fidgeting like a little kid. Wait, make it a little brat.

Got home in 8 minutes because follow ZQ car and speed a little^^ I can't believe i just used that emoticon!

Anyway, came home and realised my period came. Told Tash about my crap day and she was like, blame it all on your period. I totally agree. Good job. Feel like shit. No wonder i felt cramps all the time today.

Had lunch with Tash and then attempted to fix umbrella. Tash, thanks a lot for laughing at me at my futile attempt and helping me hold the damn unbrella while i try not to stab myself with the needle. Practise my violin after that because i had violin lesson later in the afternoon. Fingers are sooo painful now. I think the period made me more delicate and temperamental.

When i was about to get out of the house for violin class, it started pouring like crazy. God really have a weird sense of humour. Drive again to Bullcreek and when round and round looking for an atm(automatic teller machine) so that i can draw cash(duh) for class.

My new violin teacher who is the daughter of my violin teacher asked me this question.

'Why did you choose to learn the violin, a difficult instrument when you already know the piano.'

Actually, it is a long story. Too private to share.

Moving on with my list of misadventures.

Called Zhi Hao so that i can pass him my economics textbook. And he asked me 'got bring notes or not? If not, don't need to come.' What the hell? After a day of crap, i still get crap. Haiya, in the end still when to Happy family's home. Go there and ended up arguing with ZQ. Told you the period made me crappy:( Felt bad about slamming the door and wanted to call him to apologise but he called me first. I bet YL made him. All is good now:) Anyway, I sent ZH and Christine to Curtin and they were still alive to attend lectures:)

Wanted something sweet and going to Utopia from home for bubble tea is insane so went to Karawara for honeydew sago but i forgot that ZQ's cousin is on holiday so don't have:(

Come home and nearly hit the garbage bin at the roadside-___-"

I hope that marks the end of my crappy day. I wish for a hug to make everything better though. I miss daddy's hugs:( And if you had read until this point, i can't believe you actually read my whinnings.

♥ Princess Serene

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