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Tuesday, August 21, 2007 ♥
My coming birthday ♥ 10:27 PM

I can't believe my birthday is like next week. I thought it was like 3 more weeks and even argue with ZH about it. I am all excited with my coming birthday. Like hello, i'm gonna be 2 decades old. See, i get all excited about things but i always forget how far away it was. Like, last semester exam results day. I was so excited about that day but i cleanly forgot about it and even went out until David called me and even so i was like ' huh, is it today?'

I'm so pathetic with time.

Anyway, i'm going through this ' I want a dog/fishies' phase. I had been asking everybody to give me a dog for my birthday but PLEASE DON'T ok? It is just a whim. I mean i really do want one but if you give me one now, i'm gonna get kicked out of my homestay. I'm serious so please, i'm just whinning so let me whine when i ask you for a doggie.

The other day, i told Tash while we were shopping at Carousel that i wanted fishies and she was like 'Serene, that is just a whim, you better think about it.' But i really want! I had a plant but it is boring cuz it doesn't move. It is still alive by the way so yeah, i want fishies! I'll buy them for my birthday this year:)

ZH was asking whether i'm gonna have a birthday party or not. From past experience, birthday cakes at parties always never end up in the stomach+ alcohol end up on the unfortunate birthday person so nah. I wish for a birthday party, but isn't it weird to buy your own birthday cake? Besides, i can't possibly host a party at my homestay. It is just weird. I wish for a surprise though.*sigh wistfully*

Reminds me about last year's birthday. It was soooo depressing. Tell me, has anybody ate their birthday dinner at the food court just because the restaurants are full. Honestly, at that dinner, i really wanted to cry but i don't want you guys to feel bad so i just shut up. I wish my parents are around. I always get yummy food at my choice restaurant. Well, at least i got a birthday cake at Utopia:)

Cliff told me that if i hadn't expect so much, then i wouldn't be so unhappy. Soooooo, this year, i decided to decide my own fate.

Plan A: Go Hogsbreath with you guys from church, have some fun with you guys then go home sleep.
Plan B: Find the 'gang' to eat dinner, go Kings Park 兜风+ enjoy myself, then go home to my cup cake.

In the event Plan A and B fails,
Plan C: I'm going Hogsbreath alone. After that go 兜风 on a full tank then i'm going home to sing 'happy birthday' to myself before blowing that single candle on my cupcake. Cry if i feel sorry for myself then go sleep.

Plan C won't fail because only i'm involved.

That aside, I went 兜风 with ZH in his red Lancer:):):) Finally got the chance to sit in his car. I love car rides, at least there are still things that are totally aimless and you get to catch up with whoever you are with or just shut up and enjoy the view. We just drove around randomly and ZH was like ' Serene, we should have taken your roadmap out!' Haiya, don't need to worry, because i always manage to get home even after i got lost. And mind you, getting lost is veerrry common for Serene. Just follow your gut feelings. Next time, 兜风 in my car ok? Take turns:)

♥ Princess Serene

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