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Monday, August 13, 2007 ♥
I'm such a bum! ♥ 6:45 PM

I can't believe that time flew by so quickly! As of this week, i'm officially in UWA for a month already! I'm super behind my work because i had been bumming around alot. And i mean a lot. As a true blue Singaporean/Malaysian, everything comes in pre, actual and post. Hence, there is a pre bumming which is straight after exams, then the actual in Singapore and then post bumming session when i'm back. Sigh, such is my life.
Random picture of the Swan River near my uni

Oh, Nicole finally gave me the pictures from the week before.
At Hawkers' Crusine

Then after that was over to Gelato for some ice cream! Met Cindy who happened to work there. She gave me a huge coneful of ice cream as you can see in all the pictures below since i eat oh-so-slowly.

Sweet Cindy also gave us hot chocolate for free!

Tuesday evening was spent at Happy family's home:) Went there for... uh, i forgot but in the end cooked dinner with Christine except that the knives in the kitchen was crap, i nearly killed myself with them. So, in the end went to play Bejeweled in ZH's room. Anyway, the point is, Happy family needs BETTER knives.

Christine 妈妈 was the boss in the kitchen that day. ZH only for show:D

Last Saturday, Ariffin decided to have a house party and there was lots of people there! I like Ariffin's housemates, they are cool:) Oh! And Sarah's doggie, Hazel is just sooooo cute*squeals*
Besides that, Ariffin got a new neat sound system in his room. Papa I like!
Nice people, nice food, nice evening. What more can i ask:):):)
Brought Ariffin for a lil' 兜风 in my car then his except that he drove because.... i don't want to:P
Ps: I kinda of like the White Russian:)

Yesterday, i decided that i should put my act together. Did my Introduction to Finance tutorial and had all the ???? in my head. I felt so dumb:( As u can see, i didn't get far. Oh well, as the saying goes, slowly but surely. I know i'm going slowly but the 'surely' part, i got some issues with that.

I think i'm still not used to Uni life. After my 10-4 lectures and tutorial, i feel sooooo exhausted. Seriously, it's only 10pm but i'm going to bed now.

♥ Princess Serene

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