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Sunday, August 05, 2007 ♥
Happier:) ♥ 4:42 PM

You are all right and i was right too in believing that the next day would be a better day. Haven't been blogging much because i had been out waayyyy too much and i finally got round reading that 'Harry Potter and the deathly hallows' book that has been lying around my table for the last few weeks.

Well, because to begin with, on Thursday after 10am, i'm officially on my WEEKEND:):):)
Besides, Thursday wasn't rainy at all. It was simply marvellous weather that i couldn't resist going for a joy ride. Unfortunately, Mr ZQ doesn't share the same view as i do so in the end i went home and laze around. Wouldn't it be weird to go joy ride alone? So smsed Jackson to see whether he is awake and yay! he is free after 1pm but that guy didn't tell me that he got class at 5.30pm-_-" Still thought can go 兜风. Oh well, at least i found out where the Encompass bookshop is in Curtin. Oh, and that sweet lil' guy drove all the way to city so that i can have my bubble tea that i had been craving for some time:) That made up my day. See, it isn't very hard to make up somebody's day.

Then Friday came and i woke up at 8.30am despite not having class because Tasha wants to go Fitball classes at Garden City and i was meant to go with her. Obviously, we didn't manage to get there in time due to us being plain lazy but i still drove us there just in case there is some problem with their clock and they start late. Alas, no so I drove back and went to visit the Encompass bookshop again to grab my book. Forgot that i wasn't driving a CRV but a lil' cute red Swift which is not meant to go up and down curbs. Parked on the lawn and when we were about to leave, had to drive down from the curb but i guess it was a little too high and refused to move thus i had to tap a little on the accelerator and the next thing i knew was there was this horrible sound as my bumper hit kiss concrete. *heartbroken* Immediately, i stopped the car and went out to look at the damage. Relax dad, it wasn't THAT bad. You can't see it but i got worried and called Holven. I think i scared him because:

Me: Holven! I hit my car.
Me: No no, i didn't hit anybody. Relax. I just hit my car on the curb.
*imagine Holven heave a sigh of relief*
Holven: Chey, anyway do you want to eat lunch with KW they all?

The rest of the conversation is not important.

His reaction is damn funny. I guess when you have friends who always speeds, calls like this is ummm, very common.

Anyway, to make up for us missing our fitball class, we went walking near the Swan River near my home. We walk for freaking 2 hours ok??? Then after that, Tasha felt like eating Nandos and i was like, yeah, let's walk there. Stupid me*slap palm on forehead* It took us 30 minutes to reach Karawara. And another 30 to get back. I don't think i'll be attempting to walk to Karawara any time soon. I thought my car looked a bit dirty and needed a bit of washing so another 2 hours washing my car inside out. Ain't you guys proud of me? My pretty lil' red swift:)

At night when i went church, didn't feel well and my face was flushed yet i was feeling cold. So when i got home, checked temperature and yeah, good job Serene. Got fever:( And i thought i outgrew the 'stay too long under the sun and i shall get sick' syndrome.

Woke up to muscle aches from previous day's walk but other than that, Saturday was the usual. Church service but after that, had dinner with the other Singaporeans. Well, i'm a little on the grey area since i'm like Malaysian plus Singapore PR. See, i get to hang out with both bunch of people:) Dinner at Hawkers Cruisine then dessert at Gelatino(did i spell it right?) Forgot to bring my camera so have to wait till pictures come from Nicole which could range from 1 day's time to forever. Keep your fingers/hands/legs/toes crossed that she will send it soon:) Had great fun with you guys:)

Today had been a nice day too although a little slow.

Question: What is slower than a sloth?
Answer: Serene

♥ Princess Serene

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