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Thursday, August 23, 2007 ♥
The beauty of friendship ♥ 11:06 PM

I know that you are always there for me
That you care
Although we have nothing in common,
we are close friends.

The key was not to be superficial,
The secret was selflessness.

Even if we have nothing to say,
I'll be very comfortable just to keep silent
And enjoy your company
We never seem to run out of things to say.
Funny isn't it?

Despite the distance between us,
Despite not talking to you often
We are still as close as before.
It seem that i never left,
Like i saw you yesterday.

We went through so much together,
Each event entrench in my mind.
Happy and sad,
They are forever mine.

The advice you gave me,
Made me stay grounded.
They comfort me,
And remind me to be sensible.

I'm afraid that one day we may drift apart,
We should never take for granted what we had today,
And continue to hold on together,
To this friendship.

May we never grow apart,
But let distance draw us closer instead,
And keep this link stronger than ever.

♥ Princess Serene

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