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Friday, July 27, 2007 ♥
Sometimes i wonder (Part 2) ♥ 12:17 PM

Somebody told me something after he read my blog.

He said(something to this effect): If you were a boy, less people will care for you and nobody will call you princess.

Which is, i guess very true. Here is another list.

Because i am a girl:

I can whine when i get bored/tired/stressed
I get special treatment from big kor kors
My punishment always seems lighter than those of my guy classmates
I don't need to serve NS
People call me princess
There is nothing wrong about loving pink
I can get away with lots of things
I can cry and nobody will laugh at me
I get treated on dates
I can refuse to drive and somebody else will drive
I can laugh more easily at my mistakes
Guys offer to carry my heavy stuff
Guys get wet to keep me dry
Guys offer me their jacket when i am cold
I get what i want(most of the time)
I get spoilt
Nobody is going to despise me if i can't park properly
I can scream when i get scared
I can say i'm scared/stressed/not going to drive/tired and nobody can say 'be a man'
I can shop a lot because girls have more varieties
I can wear my brother's clothes but not the other way round
I can take hours to prepare myself for a day out
I get to pamper myself
I can sweet talk my way through something i don't want to do
I don't get called gay(as in homosexuals)
I can show my emotions more freely
I get more love.

I should be happy being a girl. Sounds like more fun. I still wish my brother is close to me though:(

♥ Princess Serene

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