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Thursday, July 26, 2007 ♥
Peace in the house ♥ 2:37 PM

Finally my pesky brother is gone and right now the whole house is empty except me*jump with joy because now i don't have to share my bed with him*I like the quiet for once surprisingly and it is raining heavily outside which make the house even more cosy:) I guess, i have to go into recluse once in a while to stay sane.

Holven asked me to join the gang to sing KBox but i told him i can't see the logic of paying myself to sing because, shouldn't it be the other way round? Although he is gentlemanly enough to pay me and drive me, i won't go because.... i don't want to. Anything but that. I love running around in the rain and jumping into puddles:) How about that? Shame that nobody appreciate such simple things anymore.

Anyway, I kind of miss my brother. Now i don't have anybody to argue with and abuse;p Although I think it is more likely that he is abusing me since he keeps on wanting to eat and being the abnormal person he is, i have to think of pork-less places so that he can eat. Actually i gave up half way because hello, this is perth, no halal ok?

Saturday- On the way back from the airport, we saw this doggie at the back of the car.
Wilson: I hope it falls.
Me: ...

Anyway, Dad, I think i should confess something. That day, when i went to get Alvin, I turned into the wrong lane(like opposite direction) but its all cool because Wilson took my keys and drove instead because he said that i'll get them all killed. Don't worry, that had only happened like for the first time.
Sunday- Drove to Swan valley JUST FOR my dearest brother. You don't know how traumatising it is. Had lunch at Margaret River Chocolate factory:) Had Xiao Wei as our company!

At night, had Mez which is in Northbridge. Double the trauma. While waiting for Wilson, Diana and Jonny, Ruth+ the three of us waited in Timezone. I can't believe my brother can stoop so low to play kiddo basketball*shake head*

Monday- Bought Alvin along to eat dinner with the gang at Fuji:) To the gang: Alvin says you guys are cool!

Tuesday- Eat Dim Sum for lunch but Mr Alvin Chan don't eat pork so this is what happens.

Wednesday- Yay! Finally sending Alvin HOME!!! Whole room to myself again:):)
Chill with hot chocolate...
Ingredients for Yummidelicious hot chocolate!

Alright, i think i should start working on the bible study i'm leading tomorrow!

♥ Princess Serene

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