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Sunday, July 01, 2007 ♥
My first week back in Singapore ♥ 11:57 PM

Sooo sorry! Been busy all week! If only i study as hard:S Anyway, moving on...

Monday- Shopping with Mum:) I like!

Tuesday- Shopping at VivoCity then BBQ at Nicole's
Ariffin doing his best to pretend that he is working hard on the satays. Oh, and i didn't realised that you are THAT strong because you once said you can't walk far:P

At Glass Bar... I'm not going to drink Margarita again! But the view at Mount Faber is nice:)

Wednesday- Get my passport done at the Malaysia embassy

My lil' brother

Thursday- Wanted a day to myself but ended up at Australian embassy. Past by Botanic gardens and had lunch there.

Friday- Out with RP and Esther.
Just a couple of pictures because most of the time we were 疯狂shopping!

Saturday- Service@Adam then after that was church service at Batu Pahut!
Comfy in Kor kor Shi Zhou's car:) Brian was at the back with me and i think he was a bit scared of Kor kor Shi's driving. Haha, not me! I trust him like 100% because he is the PRO! All the car have to 'siam'(give way) when he is driving:D Which explains why we reached there fast.
Kor kor Mad Cow says i haven't sat in Kor kor Shi's dad's car yet. One day...

We, people in Perth had been ripped!

After service, eat, eat and eat. Drinks and toast at Old Town, then Dim Sum(Yummilious carrot cake that melts in your mouth!) and Ramy burger!

Me: Ay, can all of you eat slower?
Kor kor Shi: Eat very slow already!(proceed on to another bowl of noodles)
Me: -__-"

Sunday- Support Alvin(my lil' brother) at some bodybuilding competition
At night- Met Uncle Cedric, Auntie Cathy and Tash for dinner at JUMBO!
The half finished ferris wheel that will be completed in 2008? I can't wait to go on it!
I think i had an eventful week*sigh in satisfaction*
Another 2 more busy weeks ahead. Hang on, is this even a holiday? Been tiring myself out walking and walking!

♥ Princess Serene

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