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Sunday, July 15, 2007 ♥
A lil' disappointed ♥ 10:02 PM

So, I'm not going for the road trip up North.
Although i knew deep down in my heart,
That i shouldn't go,
But i still wanted to,
And the brothers were kind enough to let me.

I prayed about it almost daily,
Because i really wanted to have fun,
but i knew that it was not right.
I prayed that if He doesn't want me to go,
He should give me a clear sign.

One day before the trip,
So many things hanging in mid air.
That stupid enrolment,
My parents leaving Perth,
Blog needs to be updated,
Room need to be tidied.
I was still torn between going or not.
I felt bad if i backed out the last minute,
but I felt bad if i go.

That call,
Was the final push.
I mean,
I guess that was what i'm waiting for,
For somebody to tell me,
That it was not right to go,
That i had so much stuff to do,
And staying behind is a better option.
Everything in my face.

If you ask me if i was disappointed,
I will tell you that hell yes,
I am.
If you ask me if i'm mad at that person for putting facts in my face,
I will tell you No,
I'm grateful for having such a wonderful 大姐,
To guide me,
To advise me.

In everything,
Be thankful.
I will get over my disappointment soon enough.
There is always another trip right?

♥ Princess Serene

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