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Tuesday, July 03, 2007 ♥
Emotional turmoil ♥ 11:30 PM

Sitting in the train alone,
gives way to idle time,
leading to thinking deep thoughts...

Studies, friends, my future,
I feel so confused, so lost.
I wish i could see the future,
Then i could avoid doing stupid things.
Things that could hurt others,
and most importantly,

I think i'm just afraid,
Afraid that my core principles are altered,
And changing myself into somebody i no longer knew,
Or even somebody i used to dislike.
I do not want to be serious,
I want that carefree me,
One who knew what was to be self satisfied,
And not going around doing things to please people.
Because then,
I would lose myself.

I thank you for being a such a wonderful big brother to me.
I actually kind of miss you,
Your funny jokes,
Your 'ah pek' antics,
You going out of your way to help me,
Your good but sometimes lame advice.
I took you for granted,
Yet only now i fully appreciate you.
When you lost something,
Then you understand the true value.

You are the big brother i never have,
Nobody comes close,
The standards you set,
Are just too high.

♥ Princess Serene

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