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Thursday, July 19, 2007 ♥
Been busy ♥ 4:31 PM

Yes, I'm still alive. Been very busy lately and as you can see my previous entry, i had to give up the road trip up North(although this is only part of the reason) because this semester i'll be moving over to UWA(University of Western Australia) and there are so much administration to do like confirming that i accept the offer, get enrolled, plan my timetable, get my driving license done and get my car serviced. Yes, i had been doing all these stuff from Monday morning after i sent my parents off to the airport to Wednesday. Crazy. Oh, and i still can't believe that my dad MADE me drive the whole time they were there! I am so over the novelty of driving. I love car rides when i'm not driving. I think my driving skills improved enormously though, which i wish to think;P
Anyway, i want to record what happened to my life from last week simply because i tend to have a short term memory. Even at this point of time, i need to think about what i did last week.

Monday- Stay at home and bum around because i don't want to go out.

Tuesday- Met up with Jan Kee for lunch. Haven't chat with the guy for like some time since i study in Perth and he studies in KL. So many things has changed. Still can't believe Mr Jan Kee who helped me with school work is going to be a doctor.

By the way, this is the first time i went to the
library@Orchard despite going Takashimaya so often!

After that was dinner with my girlfriends at Fish and Co followed by dessert over at NYDC.

Wednesday- Watched Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix. Don't ask me how i managed to watch it the day before it opened. Ask Jackson, he still refused to tell me. Transformers! Got it when we bought popcorn:) Had Swensen Sirlion steak for dinner. When i said that it wasn't nice and Jack place ones are nicer, Jackson said his friends are the sons of the owners of Jack Place. I think he is pulling my leg but yeah, i'm still waiting for you to cook something for me:)

After church service, went over to Uncle Henry and Auntie Lily's place because Uncle Ka Wai and Auntie Roslyn are visiting them too! Well, since they live just across the swimming pool, i just went over since for Durians and pizza since i haven't really chat with Nicolas and Kynton(Uncle Ka Wai's kids) ever since they came back from Canada. So sorry about the last time. we can always meet for another movie when we see each other again!
Auntie Lily is so funny, she asked me what i want to drink and i said anything. She really gave me Anything.
Kor kor Woon Yuan(Uncle Henry's son) told me a joke while i was sitting there eating durians.
WY: You know, that day i went to see the doctor in the morning and the clinic you recommended me was not open yet so i went to the XXX one instead. But i'm never going there ever again.
Me: Why?
WY: I told the doctor that i was having a terrible headache and my head felt like it was spinning. Do you know what the doctor say?
Me: What?
WY: He asked me whether my head feel like it is spinning clockwise or anticlockwise?
Me: *burst into laughter for a good 5 minutes* [Nicolas and Kyn thought i went siao(crazy)] Are you sure that the doctor wasn't joking?
WY: He looked pretty serious. I was really having a bad headache and i still need to wonder whether my head is spinning CW or ACW.
Me: *burst into laughter again*

Thurday- Spent the day packing my room and my luggage
At night, had dinner with Dn FY and Auntie Su hui at a Middle Eastern restaurant at Fullerton. There was even belly dancing! I enjoyed my dinner tremendously!

Friday- Arrive back in Perth.
Dinner at Miss Maud!

Saturday morning- Bring parents to Kings park(accidentally because i was meant to go UWA but got lost). After that went to the art gallery and museum. This is the first time i actually went in despite living in Perth for a year already and the fact that i always past by them on the way to the state library. Anyway, the visit made me feel more cultured:) Must go more often. Don't think my parents know how to appreciate art.

Cicerello's. Met the 3 Melbourne brothers. Eh, from left: Daniel, Jason, Me and Stanley. See, i remembered your names! I love the seafood chowder from Cicerello's.
Sunday- A beautiful nice warm day although Mum says it is still cold. Drove to Swan Valley and Dad and Mum enjoyed wine tasting while i can't because i'm driving:(

Had Dinner with my house Uncle, Auntie and Tash at Christina's. Yummy Italian food. Sadly photos are with my parents.
Monday- Sent parents to the airport then went to settle my stuff at UWA.
Tuesday- Host day meaning getting a better idea of what major i'm doing.
Wednesday(18.07.2007)- Finally my enrolment is settled! Now i can relax a little.
Went to Joondalup for Japanese curry with 'the gang':)

After that, manjong at Happy family's:) Romeo keep throw my 'pai' for others to 'pong'. Feel like hitting him. Winnie is a better coach:) But Daisy is still my 师父!

Today's weather was just horrid. Dreary rainy day + throbbing headache from sleeping at 3am. How? I spent the whole day trying to win the 14th level of Otu but still cannot! Sian:( Oh, found a new game in Ben's NDS lite-- Phoenix Wright. Now i know why i don't want to be a lawyer! When you talk, you have to put your words so very nicely... But i like the way Phoenix Wright slam the desk and say 'HOLD IT!'
I had been bumming around today. It feels nice to just do nothing. Well, i did quite a lot though. Online shopping with Tash, blog, listen to music, eat, laugh, chat. I feel satisfied(^_^) OK, i can't believe i just used that emoticon. Oh well, I will sleep early tonight. Getting a cough, let's hope the flu bug don't give me a visit too!

♥ Princess Serene

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