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Sunday, July 08, 2007 ♥
Another hectic week ♥ 10:45 PM

Monday- I was supposed to meet ZQ, ZH and Shonia for some shopping BUT ZQ already have other appointments so i ended staying at home lazing around. Nice surprise by Mum.
Mum: "Let's go JB"
Me: (Suddenly alert) OK! :):):)

Mum called Dad despite my protest of 'Daddy will be very bored because we are going to shop after i do my hair!'
Well, he came along in the end citing being our bodyguard as the reason.
Dad was so naggy i only managed to get 2 pairs of shoes and a dress. Hey, 45 minutes is so not enough:(

Before i chop my hair off...

I'm so not showing you the 'after' pictures. It's so short, my heart hurts:( Oh well, it will grow.

Tuesday- Day: Shopping with ZH, ZQ and Christine. I want to kill Shonia! WOMAN! You said you will come but you went MIA!!! Didn't really buy much because i already bought quite a lot of stuff already.
Night: Meeting up with my girlfriends! Pepper lunch since i hadn't had it for ages:) They gave me a handphone sock but you know me, i don't care for my phone as much as them.

While waiting for Esther to buy her new Nike shoes....

Wednesday- Went over to JB. Many many thanks to Yao Long who send us over:) We were meant to go to Batu Pahat to visit Andy BUT he wasn't around. So in the end, we shopped at Jusco and City Square. Got electrocuted all the time. NOT MY FAULT ok?

At night went to eat lok lok. It's so yummy, i think it's worth the food poisoning although i felt like i was going to die. Seriously, come on guys, you sure everybody except me got food poisoning? Alright, i admit i got a weak stomach:( BUT it's so nice!

Thursday- Watched Transformer with Jackson because David is one 大忙人. I like Bumblebee! So cute. Who wants to buy me the Chevrolet Camaro? Looks nice although i don't mind a Lamborghini Roadster:)
Luckily, David redeemed himself by meeting us for supper:) Rotti Prata!

Friday- How come everybody is busy? In the end, only i, Serene and myself had farewell dinner for Kor kor Mad cow:S I love Sakae's chawamushi. Eh, Fresa, correct right? Or is it chawamishu. Haiya, always get confused but you know what i mean right?
Kor kor Ernie, are you jealous?

Saturday- A special day... All the hype about it but i like the number 07.07.2007. A complete number:) Spent the day in church and had Holy Communion:)
With my little cute brother, Zephie and my brother took the other picture claiming that he is artistic-__-" 弟弟, all i can say is, thanks for making my arms look slim:D

After service, went to SAF club to eat dinner. Dad gave the poor waitress a telling off because she made us walk a big round. Felt sorry for the waitress but well, she should have known better!

10.30pm - Sent Kor kor Mad cow off to Sydney. Eh, how come all my kor kors are going overseas? Nobody to bring me out now:( Can't wait to see you guys in December! This time, i want to go Pulau Ubin:)

Sunday- I reserved the whole day for Arthur and his wife but then unfortunately, his flight changed to an earlier time so in the end, i was just lazing around at home. Ended up going to Sembawang church for bible study with parents. Yummy food! And i realised that among the China brethen, there is a brother who looks like Jacky Wu! Wahaha.. Must take photo:)
Another week just flew by. Exhausted...

♥ Princess Serene

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