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Wednesday, June 20, 2007 ♥
One more to go! ♥ 10:41 AM

And i'll be freeeeeee.

Ok, actually, i think i'm kinda of free already. The night before business statistics, i didn't want to study so watch 'What's good for you' and 'Touchwood'. I tell you, this two shows are fabulous! OK, 'Touchwood' is a bit lame when compared to 'Heroes' but yeah, the point is, go WATCH IT! Ooh, Heroes season 2 is OUT.

I think Nintendo DS lite is the most evil thing i ever met! I was hooked on it. And no, it's not mine, i borrowed it from Ben and I'm gonna own everybody at Osu! Tatkae! I'm at level 7 then the stupid thing didn't save my game and now i'm back to 1:( But i'm still the pro ok:P

I better be getting a HD or at least a D for Business Statistics!

After Business Statistics, i still have to go for violin lessons. And then after that thought i would drop by Holven and Winnie's place to get EBS notes from Winnie.. Who would have guess that they wouldn't be at home. Prior to reaching their home, i got kinda lost and thought that i'm gonna end up in city. I'm will be so sad if i did.

Waaaait until Holven and Winnie come back whilst talking to Ken. It's amazing how word spread. Anyway, end up having dinner at their place. Spaghetti! Yummy:) Then Holven have to ask me whether i watch 'Epic movie' before. Ok, end up watching and laughing until i was so tired.

Come home, play more NDS-_-" haiya, like that my EBS how???

P.s: Within the span of time of blogging this entry, i reached to level 7:) Pro?

♥ Princess Serene

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