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Tuesday, June 05, 2007 ♥
♥ 7:41 PM

Happy birthday Zhi Hao! Hope that you enjoyed your birthday and had fun during the mini party we had for you. I'm still sad that the cake was used for playing and i didn't get to eat any:(

Holven came to get me and when i got into the car, he said let's go to Sam's home because you guys are not home yet! Crazy, how much time do you guys need to eat dinner?!

Anyway, ended up going to Romeo's home which is only a few houses away and i get to play with the doggy.. so cute*squeals*

Happy birthday to you!

Want to know what happened to the birthday cake? Ice cream cake was flung all over the place by who else? The guys la. Sigh, i want cake:(

It was freezing cold plus windy. Thank God nobody got sick considering cold water and cake was used.

Fell asleep while waiting for ZH to cut another cake. Apparently, they used all the cake to play with. Damn...

Anyway, i get to sit in a red Integra! Va-va-vrooom! Kelvin, i'm pretty sure you can win that Mini Evo if you wanted to right?*stick tongue out to Romeo* Haha, something nice to mention about you. Your driving has improved drastically! Yeah, i still remembered that i was like one of the first few to sit in your car when you first learnt:P

Oh i found out something common about Integra and Mini Evo... Both seats are uncomfortable! Last night i hit my head on the head rest because it's plastic and partially because i was half asleep. Damn, no wonder i became more dumb.

♥ Princess Serene

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