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Saturday, June 02, 2007 ♥
♥ 9:51 PM

Happy 21st birthday Winnie! Surprisingly, there was no alcohol during your party considering that you are one of the 3 酒鬼 :P My conclusion is that you need to stay sober for casino after the party. Am i right?

Anyway, this is the third time i'm wishing you happy birthday:) Hope that you will be happy always!

Party at Holven's place until 11pm because either people are sick(so go home and rest) or go casino. Played manjong after that. Wait, i didn't really play because most of the time, Victor or Holven will be telling me what to throw out. And besides, my 'pai' so power i still don't know-_-" Daisy, Sally, Holven and Victor are so pro! Well, practice makes perfect i hope. Manjong is so complicated, so many rules!

I was supposed to stay until 12am because i'm gonna meet 'the gang' in city the next day but then as you know, Manjong is addictive so stayed until 2pm and Yeah just have to come home to eat supper. 看你一个人那么可怜就陪你啦!Haha, actually just an excuse to eat. I think i talked so much nonsense because it was past my bedtime and as usual, got high without alcohol. Haiz, 我昨晚的形象被破坏了。

Holven: 你本来就没有什么形象。
Me: -___-"

Anyway, 大家开心就好:)

♥ Princess Serene

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